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   Chapter 20 No.20

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 2138

Updated: 2017-12-29 12:02

They remained quiet for a time. Larson eyed his compatriot and wondered why he didn't mention his true beliefs; that the goblin was someone's pawn. Aluham called Golfund to serve them tea and biscuits. They relaxed quietly for about an hour. Larson was near dozing off when Garrett nudged him. He gave the fighter an annoyed glance. Larson returned a lackadaisical expression by rolling his eyes and slightly opening his mouth.

"Yes, well, " Aluham said. "What will you do now, Lord Ansalle, Larson?"

"I'm still looking for my brother, but I need to return to Fargo then travel to a few other cities to close the accounts of an old fri

He moved his jaw side-to-side for a second—as though ruminating—before nodding in accordance.

"I will take your suggestion to heart, friend, " the elf said.

Larson smiled, saying, "Thank you."

"Are we off, then?" Garrett cheered.

"Let's ride, " Larson commanded.

They exited the austus, marched beyond the town's elves to the gates where the horses waited, mountain the brazen animals, and rode out to Fargo.

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