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   Chapter 19 No.19

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5216

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"Maybe less if they haul it, " Garrett replied.

"Yes, good, " Aluham nodded. "Golfund, fetch a potion for his finger." The elf then turned back to the humans. "Come in, come in. Let us gather in my austus."

Larson opened his mouth, but Garrett quickly said, "His hut."

They all followed Aluham into the town. A handful of elves cast weary glances in their direction; elves were always too busy to gape at disheveled warriors. Larson didn't mind. It was better than the slack jawed stares of human peasants.

With the protection of cliffs on three sides, and the gate on the eastern edge, the elven community was relatively safe. Larson wondered about the gate and towers. Where did the wood come from? He wondered again when he caught sight of the rattan huts, or austuses, but all things considered, it wasn't really important. Aluham moved the red cloth covering the entry to one of the huts, and the rest filed in.

Garrett and Aluham sat at a low, round table. A breeze circulated within the comfortable setting. Golfund took Larson into another room separated by a blue cloth. The old elf motioned for the warrior to sit by another, low table. The mountain elves didn't use chairs. Instead, they sat cross-legged on soft mats. Larson watched Golfund approach an alchemy table by the far wall next to a shelf filled with books, some baubles, staves, and other magickal paraphernalia.

"What are we doing, " Larson asked, nervously.

"Have a seat, and we'll fix that hand."

The warrior eased onto his sore rump and scooted up to the table. Go

agickal prowess, " Aluham sputtered. "That's absurd! No goblin is so well versed in magick."

"No goblin speaks, either, " Larson claimed and sat down. "I mean they have that squeaky banter, but this one called himself Rah-Rohs. He said it twice and pounded his chest, and this was relatively real speech, not that goblish screeching."

Larson's gaze was fixed on Aluham. The fighter was placid, yet firm. The elf frowned and rubbed the back of his head.

"If goblins are growing in intelligence, power, and desire, the world may be in worse shape than I had thought, " Aluham confided.

"Well, we may never know what was going on there, " Garrett said. "I should hardly think that this is the start of some goblin evolution. There have been several elves, humans, and even dwarves that defied their limitations and turned into vile, capricious wizards. A rarity, but perhaps Larson was right when he claimed that goblins are not monsters…maybe that's all this is. The only other viable explanation is, well, " Garrett trailed off.

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