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   Chapter 18 No.18

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5127

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"Yeah, " Garrett sighed. "I'm starved…and curious to know just what light Aluham can shed on this."

"What do you mean, " Fortha pried.

"I think he knew about the khalkataurus, " Garrett revealed.

"Never, " Shula snipped. "He would not have sent us in there if he knew. My brother and I are his wards, and Lyalla is very dear to him. She is Golfund's daughter, and Golfund is practically an uncle to Aluham."

Garrett looked into Shula's eyes. They were fierce. He was obviously offended.

"You're right, of course, " Garrett conceded. "I'm sorry."

"No, " Larson chimed in with an even tone. "It is wise to be suspicious at a time like this, but I agree with the elf. That monster could certainly have killed us before we felled the sorcerer, and then Aluham would have nothing to gain from that."

They grew quiet again. Intermittent chirps, and the buzzing of bugs erupted over the mountainous region. The sun had nearly vanished behind the cliffs, and the party was ensconced in the shadows of the high, rocky walls. No goblins, pumas, or other wicked beasts reared their heads, and they made it back to the river safely.

Before following the current downstream to the crossing, Larson waded in a ways, fully armored. He tried to wash off whatever acid was left on his gear, but what little liquid had remained had already congealed, and he feared making matters worse. Still, the cold water felt good on his hand. He took off his helmet, stuck his face in, and drank. The others removed some of their clothing, was

es, " he asked, sternly.

"They'll be up shortly, " Garrett said. "Without horses, I should say about a day."

"I need healing, " Larson grumbled, removed his gauntlet, and showed his hand.

"What happened to you people?" Golfund was genuinely concerned.

Garrett relayed the story; the trek into the cliffs, down the river, the use of willow boughs, skulking around for an alternate entrance, journeying into the cave, the goblin sorcerer's magick, the recovery of the staff, and the battle with the khalkataurus.

"Khalkataurus, " Golfund snorted, "you must be mad."

"Does this look mad to you?" Larson yelled, hopped off his horse, and showed himself to the elves.

Not only was his armor in tatters, but the oozing secretion from his finger made everyone cringe. "Oh, I, bu-but, " the old elf stammered.

Aluham was much more composed. "This is beyond belief…still, " he deliberated, and looked over the humans. Then, he opened the gates and invited them in. "You say the others are just a day away?"

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