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   Chapter 17 No.17

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 4820

Updated: 2017-12-29 12:02

"My finger, my finger, " Larson cried.

The elf brothers gave one more heave, and Larson was pulled free. Lyalla carefully removed his gauntlet then and gasped. His middle finger was gone.

"What, what is it?" Larson growled, still in pain.

"You're all right, mate, " Garrett said, unconvincingly. "Can you fix it?" he whispered to Lyalla.

She shook her head, saying, "No, but I can mend his other wounds. Hold still, Larson."

She worked her healing magick to mend his collar bone and knee. Panting for air, and trembling from pain, fear, and excitement, Larson looked himself over.

"Oh, Gods dammit, " he said. "My finger."

"You, you can buy a potion of regeneration in town, I'm sure, " Garrett said, trying to hide a smile.

"How is this funny?" Larson croaked.

"I, I don't, " Garrett stuttered. "Let me help you up. That acid didn't seem to get in anywhere else."

Larson checked his armor. It was in ruins. The acid had rusted through a great deal of the chest plate, exposing the chain mail beneath. His poleyns had also absorbed some acid, and the straps over his thighs that held them in place were all but obliterated. The steel dangled about his knees uselessly.

"Holy crap, " he said.

"I'm sorry, Larson, " Fortha said, sheepishly. "I got scared and ran."

"You did the right thing, " Larson consoled. He took a breath and rolled his shoulders. "My sword?"

"Here, " Shula said and handed it over. "

d the goblins, " Fortha asked as the light of the sun bathed his skin.

"I'm in no mood for more goblins, " Larson stated.

Lyalla gave an empathizing look. "It would be best to travel quickly."

"Agreed, " Garrett said. "Let's move straight for the camp. We'll take our horses and hurry ahead of you if you don't mind."

The elves looked at each other and shrugged. "We can walk, " Fortha said.

"Lyalla, you can ride with me, " Garrett smiled.

"Thank you, Lord Ansalle, but I'll tarry with my kin."

"Suit yourself, " he replied.

Marching over rocky ground, they gazed up at the blue sky. Vultures rode on thermals, but there were no other signs of life. Passing water skins to slake thirst, they returned to conversation.

"Your protection spells saved us, I should say, " Lyalla said.

"How long does it last, " Shula asked as he touched the purple filigree.

"A whole day, " Garrett answered.

"It's almost sunset, " Larson said.

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