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   Chapter 16 No.16

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5503

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"That's right, " Larson chimed in. "I think it used that staff."

"It's not a staff of reanimation, " Lyalla argued.

"I'm not doubting you, just your ability, " Garrett said with a shrug. "Don't take it personally."

"Well, at any rate, " Larson said. "Let's move out before all of them show up. The elves should be able to handle whatever's left over, right?"

"Undoubtedly, " Shula smiled.

"I'm just not sure about this, " Garrett whispered.

"What?" Larson whispered back.

Garrett looked away and conspiratorially replied, "If it's not the staff, then I was right; something or someone was influencing the goblin."

Larson was unconvinced and reminded Garrett that it was probably just an abnormal goblin with extensive, magick abilities. There were no signs of it being anyone's minion.

"Maybe, " Garrett conceded, but he was simply unconvinced.

"Let's go, " Lyalla complained.

In a hurried fashion, they abstained from searching the goblin cots for shiny trinkets and marched back up the stairs. No one had noticed that Garrett snatched the little mask off the corpse of the sorcerer. His gut instinct told him there was more to the story, but up the stairs, and back on to the steady incline of the cave's path, Lyalla casted another light spell, and what was revealed stopped them dead in their tracks. Whatever Garrett's instincts had been telling him was no longer pertinent. Before them, blocking their path was an enormous khalkataurus, an acid spewing bull covered in thick, green scales.

"Khal, " Garrett choked. "Khalkataurus?"

The monster snorted a puff of green mist and charged. The party of warriors

in his body escaped his lungs. It was do or die, and he didn't plan on going out like that. He stabbed the dagger into the creature's throat time and again, tearing a hole. He then reached his left hand into the oozing opening, pulled down to widen the wound, and rammed the dagger into the hole while the creature thrashed its horns all around. Garrett dashed back to try and hold the creature by the horns.

Amidst the danger, the two friends looked upon one another. Larson gave one final, driving twist of the blade. The khalkataurus groaned and dropped dead weight on top of the fighter, effectively pinning him with his knee bent backwards and his elbow over his head. The motion and dead weight also sent Garrett head over heels.

The warrior coughed and spewed as the rest of the party tried to pry him out from underneath the beast. Immense pain accosted Larson's left hand. A burning like no other ever experienced forced him to cry out at the top of his lungs. The khalkataurus's acidic blood had run into his gauntlet's grooves.

"Easy, easy, " Lyalla yelled. "Let us help you."

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