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   Chapter 15 No.15

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 4864

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The wicked magick struck its mark, and both Garrett and the goblin crashed to the ground. She went in to finish him off.

"No you don't, " Shula howled.

He stabbed his short sword into her back before receiving a crackling bolt of magickal reprisal. Breathless and stunned, he collapsed onto the hard, cavern ground.

"Everyone, attack, " Larson growled.

With the fighter on his feet, Fortha on his, and Lyalla making attempts to heal, men and goblins collided. Larson stopped the chop of a stone axe by grabbing the shaft, thus wrenching the weapon from the goblin. Fortha, who had taken his brother's remaining arrows, fired them one after the other from the protection of the stairs. He effectively kept the sorcerer at bay long enough for Lyalla to heal Garrett and Shula. She then took cover at Fortha's feet, and Garret, Larson, and Shula finished off the rest of the goblins.

"I'm out, " Fortha cried while fingering his quiver. "Quickly, kill the sorcerer."

Larson wasted no time, grit his teeth, and ran full bore at the goblin. He certainly anticipated another bolt of lightning; he was ready for it. What he wasn't ready for, and frankly no one was ready for it, was the reanimation of the dead goblins. The sorcerer raised the staff over its head, and with a flash of light, the undead goblins, with red, glowing eyes, were frothing at the mouth.

The fighter stopped dead in his tracks. Spun around to witness the predicament th

tt took it in his left hand and rubbed it with his thumb. It was a whitish-gray charm made from some kind of bone, but it was riddled with black and red specks that reflected light. The charm was carved to resemble some kind of skull with horns and no bottom jaw, and it was a bit flat with a slight curve in the back side like it was a tiny mask. The leather strap that had held it in place ran through the eye holes.

"What?" Larson snipped.

"Goblins don't make jewelry, " Garrett said.


"Yeah, no doubt."

"And the staff?"

"I don't know, " Garrett said with air of bewilderment. "Lyalla?"

He called her over to identify it. She touched it then claimed it was a simple staff of lightning bolts, but Garrett was unconvinced.

"We'll show it to my father, but I'm certain of this, " she said. "It's just a simple staff of lightning bolts."

"Then, what made that goblin so powerful, " Shula asked while approaching. "It raised the dead."

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