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   Chapter 14 No.14

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 6121

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The group snuffed out the remnants of light, Lyalla casted her spell, and off they went into the bowels of the cave. Another steady decline wound to their left before what seemed a dead end. They came to a halt, and Larson advanced the next few yards carefully. The wall in front of them was actually a very abrupt and sharp corner. Larson motioned with his hand, and then rounded the corner to continue nearly one hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction, still downhill. Finally, that portion of the trail revealed a glow in the distance.

Lyalla cancelled her spell one more time, and the party of warriors practically crawled onwards. Thoughts of javelins, pumas, and frothing goblins were enough to slow the elves. Garrett was more cautious than scared, and Larson was simply a slow mover anyway. Some three hundred yards farther down, they noticed the glow of fires was illuminating the ceiling of the cave and the far wall. The group was nearly thirty feet above the area from which the fire originated, and from their vantage point, they were unable to see the floor of the cave, or the actual flames of the fire from farther in. A few more steps forwards, they discovered why.

The cave trail was neatly carved into a descending set of stairs. They were quite shallow, possibly to allow for goblin steps, but they were stairs nonetheless. On either side of the stairs, the walls had been polished, too. Taking two stairs at a time, Larson advanced until he was low enough to see the cave floor, and the extensive, communal area. At that portion of the stairs, they worked to a single file due to the constricting corridor. Larson raised a fist over his head to indicate he was halting.

He did his best to scrutinize the sleeping quarters—mostly mats of old hides. The fire was burning from within an alcove t

d. His ears were ringing, his vision was blurry, and there was some kind of mass writhing about on top of him. The goblin was striking him with a glowing, stone axe. By the time Larson gathered his wits, Fortha and Shula—who had taken a knee—shot the goblin, but two other goblins jumped and threw their javelins. One struck Larson and exploded with blinding flames. The other javelin sailed over Shula's head and struck his brother in the chest. When it exploded, Fortha was floored, and Lyalla was pinned under him.

"Out of the way, " Garrett yelled.

Having freed himself from Larson's dazed body weight, he leapt over the fighter with rapier at the ready. In an effort to avoid danger, and avoid bottle necking his own crew, Garrett ran quite a ways into the large room, singled out a goblin with a long spear, and casted a magick arrow at her. The blue sphere collided with the goblin's hide top, thus reducing it to shreds. She dropped her spear, but before Garrett managed to move in for the death strike, another female goblin jumped onto his back and tried to slash out his throat. While he ran back into the wall with all his might, the sorcerer fired another bolt of blue lightning, this time at Garrett.

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