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   Chapter 13 No.13

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5466

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"Dead end, " Garrett said.

They looked over the trash in the rounded, cave room. "Nothing of value here, " Lyalla noted. "Just junk from merchants they hijacked."

"Nothing good, " Larson asked.

"No, " she said, indifferently. "Whatever might be worth anything, they'll have piled up deeper inside. They like to play with shiny objects, so they'll have it all in their innermost hovel…and that's really where we're trying to go."

"Let's head back then, " Garrett advised.

Lyalla casted her spell once again, and they doubled back. Upon arrival at the beginning of that fork, Larson notched the wall; no sooner had he sheathed the dagger, they heard the soft growl of pumas. Their glittering, bluish-green eyes reflected the light spell, and before someone could howl a rust of pumae, six mountain lions dashed at the group.

Larson ran in to head them off. His plate mail was ample protection from tooth and claw. He caught one in mid jump while two whimpered after biting his legs. The elf brothers felled those two, but one more darted past Larson and hurled itself at Lyalla. She cried out and hit the floor before it took her head off.

Grunts, shouts, growls, and cries bounced off the cave walls. In the frenzy, Garrett capitalized and sank his rapier into the flank of the cat attacking Lyalla. It whirled around and tried to scamper off, but Fortha hacked into its head with his short sword. By then, Larson was wrestling with one more, Lyalla shot a fireball at another, and the last one ran away from Larson to pounce on Garrett. He incurred severe scratches, but his protection spell prevented detrimental injur

, but Garrett noted in their faces they weren't used to fighting, either. Sporting with blade and bow in the town's confines was one thing, hunting small game was another, and defending the town from a goblin raid was no mean feat, but wiping out goblins, who were out for blood in the cluttered corridors of their underground refuge, was altogether different; it was downright scary.

The elves were rather brave, though, and they required just a moment to shake the cobwebs from their brains, let their adrenaline rush cool off, and ready themselves for another round. Fortha and Shula checked their arrows and frowned. They didn't have many left.

"I'd prefer not to rely on my sword, " Fortha commented with a shake of his head.

"I think you'll do well enough, " Larson said and patted his shoulder. "Between your armor and Garrett's protection, these goblins won't do you too much damage."

"Still, " the elf trailed off.

His brother eyed him then gave him a smile. "Shall we, " Garrett asked.

"Yes, " Larson acknowledged. "This path should be the only way to advance."

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