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   Chapter 12 No.12

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5474

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"Alright, " Larson cheered quietly. "It's settled. Let's go."

He stuck his helmet on his head, and they all trotted down the cliff side towards the cave mouth. After the elves bounded over rocks, Garrett dashed like a rabbit, and Larson clunked his way down, they stopped at the immense, craggy opening into the mountains of Lod and peeked into the darkness. A warm wind blew through the cave. It held the stench of goblins. Garrett cringed.

The lack of sunlight coupled with the natural darkness of the cave made the surrounding blackness impenetrable. Just a few feet inside, and they were halted. There was no way to progress without a source of radiance.

"Goblins don't see in the dark, do they?" Larson whispered.

"No, " Garrett replied. "They'll have torches."

"I really didn't want to have to light torches of our own, " Larson muttered.

"Didn't you fight goblins once before, " Garrett asked while fumbling for a torch.

"Yes, but that cave was different, " Larson snapped.

"Different how?!"

"Boys, " Lyalla, whispered forcefully. "I have the solution."

She then casted a light spell; a wavering sphere of soft luminosity bobbed above her head. The radiance was quite pleasing and illuminated their surroundings for about fifty feet.

"They'll see us for sure, " Larson complained.

"But we'll spot them, too, " Garrett stated. "They'll have torches even brighter than this light."

They observed the environment; sandy stone walls with crags, stone floor, rough stone ceiling, and all the same shade of brown. It was a narrow entrance, but expanded abruptly a hundred feet in. Cautiously, and with

k other areas before we find their sleeping quarters, " Fortha said.

Larson winced, but shrugged indifferently. After the break, they traveled on a bit only to find they had circled back to a previous fork. At that juncture, Larson notched the wall to denote they had already secured that area. Then, they took the other path, which led them to another glow. The same procedure was adopted; Lyalla cancelled her spell, they waited a moment, and then they skulked toward the glow.

The narrowing, subterranean corridor was lined with sconces, or rather holes in the stone wherein torches were placed. Each time they passed one, Larson took the torch from the wall and snuffed it out. Eventually, they came to a storage area of sorts. Barrels, crates, weapons, pieces of carts, clothes, smashed bottles, and dead animals were strewn about in true, goblin, storage fashion, but among the refuse was a fat, green goblin; he seemed asleep with his back turned to the group. Fortha shot him with an arrow, which struck the base of his skull, and the creature crashed noisily into some crates.

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