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   Chapter 11 No.11

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5149

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They quickly vanished behind some rocks while Larson caught his breath. "Here, " Lyalla offered her water skin.

Larson readily accepted, removed his helmet, and drank quite a bit. He returned her water and wiped droplets from his beard before replacing his headgear. Only fifteen minutes passed before Garrett and Fortha returned. The others gave them their attention.

"There's definitely a scouting party out there, " Garrett said. "They have pumae."

"Hm, " Larson contemplated. "We should split up then."

"Why, " Shula asked.

"Garrett, take the brothers, and tail the scouting party, " Larson ordered. "They may lead you to an alternate entrance. Lyalla, you come with me to an area above the cave's mouth."

"You don't know where it is, " she said.

Larson threw his hands up in aggravation; fatigue had started to trick his mind. "That's okay, " Fortha interrupted. "I'll come with you. My brother and Lyalla can go with Garrett."

"Good, " Larson resigned. "Let's move, and meet back at the cave's mouth by sunset."

"That should give us two hours, " Lyalla said.

"That's enough to reach the cave mouth, " Garrett asked.

"It is, " Fortha replied.

With the plan settled, they split up and went on with their journey. Larson and Fortha spotted two more groups of goblins. One was a guard patrol denoted by the melee weapons, and the other a hunting party with javelins. Neither had any pumas, but Garrett's group managed to spot the other scouting party, which was much larger, off in the distance. An hour's w

nside, and retreat. If that group is attacking the town, they won't be back for two days."

"If that group is attacking the town then our job here is moot, " Garrett argued.

"Maybe, but this is what we're here to do."

"I'm going to let the elves decide for themselves."

"Fair enough, " Larson agreed.

Garrett went to wake the others and explained the possibilities to them. Together, they dashed over to Larson, who was still perched on the rock.

"How many goblins left the cave, " Lyalla asked.

"Twenty or so, " Larson said.

"Any rusts of pumae, " Shula pried.

"No, " Garrett said. "Which means they're probably in the cave."

"The elves can handle twenty goblins, " Fortha affirmed, "and you said the sorcerer is not with them."

"I think that's right, " Garrett added.

"Then, we'll stick with you, " Lyalla breathed. "Let's get in there now, and take them out. Whatever's left won't be strong enough to mount any more attacks on our town, and our own warriors can finish them off for good."

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