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   Chapter 10 No.10

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5133

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The sun's position, just off to the east, cast a shadow over the trail. The group marched on in silence. An hour eased by with no goblin activity. Then, two hours passed.

"This leads directly to the cave?" Larson whispered.

"It does, " Fortha answered.

The steady sound of booted feet pounding the trail bounced off the walls. Larson felt uneasy, on edge; if they were going to run into trouble, there was no option but to fight. He looked overhead. I hope they don't patrol the mountains. An attack from above would be devastating, he thought.

"We shouldn't approach their entrance from here, " he said, suddenly.

"Agreed, " Shula replied. "We'll have to find an area to scale the cliff and keep an eye on the cave mouth from above."

"Do you know of such an area, " Garrett asked.

"I do, " Fortha volunteered. "When we get to it, I'll show you."

The eerie quietude was even more unnerving than being boxed in by cliffs, and the situation was made worse by the fact that they were unable to see more than a hundred or so feet before them; the twists of the trail made perfect corners for an ambush party. Everybody sensed the danger, and they slowed their pace. An obnoxious squeak, like something a large, angry squirrel might make, echoed off the rock walls. It was followed by several more screeches; shrill, goblin speech.

"Damn, " Lyalla whispered. "They're coming towards us."

"Figures, " Larson mumbled.

"It was your thoughts jinxed us, " Garrett snipped.

They all tensed, and Larson narrowed his

Shula complained. "We can't go on with them."

Larson clicked his tongue, but the elf was right. They were far enough behind the mountain, and far enough from the trail that no standard patrol was ever going find the bodies, yet the thought occurred to them that pumas might catch a whiff.

"Nothing we can do, " Garrett shrugged. Larson nodded, and so the elves piled the corpses up then easily shimmied up the cliff wall. Garrett looked at Larson who was in deliberations. "What's wrong?" Garrett smiled. "All that armor weighing you down?"

"I'm fine, " Larson snipped. "By the way, " he added, "your white sleeves look a little dirty."

Garrett shrugged, shimmied up like an elf, and left Larson to make his slow ascent, which was laden with swears. Moments later, they reconvened on a somewhat flat area. Larson was exhausted and had no choice but to stop.

"Let's break for a moment, " he puffed.

"Certainly, " Shula agreed.

"I'll scout ahead, " Fortha volunteered.

"I'll come, too, " Garrett said.

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