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   Chapter 9 No.9

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5561

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"This didn't used to be a dangerous area, " Shula sighed.

"For all we know, there might be a goblin patrol nearby, " Fortha added.

"Or a puma patrol, " Shula frowned.

Another hour of walking south persisted. They finally came to the banks of the river, whose waters stormed rapidly downstream from the melting ice caps of the mountain a ways above, and found a good sized clearing to the west.

"We should camp here, " Garrett suggested.

"Agreed, " Lyalla chimed in.

"We'll need to be up before sunrise to find an area where we can cross over to the opposite bank, " Larson informed. "Then, we'll gather the willow branches on our way towards the cave."

The area wherein they chose to set up camp had some willows scattered about. No attack from across the river was possible since the Colmite was at least fifty yards across there. Various, smaller plants also grew interspersed between the willows. It was a good, flat area protected on the east by the river, the north by the valley's lowlands, and the elves believed no goblins were to come from the south or west. By twilight, they were gathered around a small fire. An occasional patch of twinkling stars broke through a cloudy veil to glitter and twinkle.

Everyone was rather worn and hungry. The elves produced dried fruits and nuts. Larson and Garrett had some left over bread and smoked meat. After an exchange of camping delicacies, conversations drifted to the differences in elven ethnicities. Garrett was versed enough and knew the differences between mountain elf culture and wood elf culture, but Larson was surprised to learn just how much the elves didn't get along even with e

uded from the water. They carefully crossed over.

"From here, we'll travel back north, " Fortha stated, "about a mile up, and we'll come across a squat, flat peak. It is something like a very small mesa that looks as though it was carved by the river ages ago."

Quietly, they continued north for a time. Larson and the elves kept their eyes peeled for tracks of any kind. The area was mostly solid stone with only a few places in the surroundings where there was enough soil for plant growth. By then, the mesa was visible. It was roughly a hundred feet high and four hundred feet across with layers of white and gray throughout its brown strata. From there, Fortha led them northeast.

"This will take us to a trail the goblins use, " he said.

"We'll have to be doubly careful as that path is flanked by the mountains on both sides, " Shula advised.

It was just after noon, and the warming sun was over their heads when they caught sight of the mouth of the trail. Sharp rocks flanked it at its lowest point, but once they started walking it, the steep, mountain cliffs quickly corralled them.

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