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   Chapter 8 No.8

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 4960

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"First of all, " Larson started. "A pack of pumae is called a rust."

Garrett stopped in his tracks when he overheard that and nearly doubled over laughing. "Pumas is already plural, friend, and they don't travel in groups, so there is no name for a group of pumas."

"But words that end in A, such as mucosa, are changed to mucosae, so two pumas should appropriately be pumae, and second of all, whether they do or don't normally travel in groups, these do, hence a rust of pumae." Larson explained.

"That's rich, " Garrett laughed. "Sure, a rust of pumae. Why not?"

The elves were incredulous. They were not born with a sense of humor, so the whole event was missed on them, and inevitably, they reacted as if it was all so bourgeoisie. Garrett glanced at Lyalla. She feigned a smile, and he offered her a ride on Lola, but she waved him off. Larson chuckled for a moment before continuing.

"Anyway, the goblins, " he sneered, "what of their weaponry? The usual javelins, rude spears, stolen swords, and bone axes?"

"Yes, " Fortha, the darker of the two replied. "Well, mostly stone weapons, I believe."

"We think the only real threat is their numbers, " Shula, the brother with shorter, black hair stated. "And possibly the sorcerer's magick, " he added as an afterthought.

"And the pumae, " Fortha corrected.

"What do you propose as a plan of attack, Larson, " Garrett asked.

He did not answer right away. They kept pace uphill. The mostly clear, blue sky

about, and conversations drifted towards recent events in the country of Ruvonia.

It was revealed that both humans and elves believed the King of Stormguard was ill, and that some of his advisors were actually ruling the country from behind the scenes. There was no actual evidence, but the military's indifference seemed to hint at such a state; King Roan had been a brave general, after all. He had even fought alongside an elven general and a dwarven general against the invading orcish tribes of Truad, a neighboring country, yet recent reports that wicked clans were terrorizing the countryside freely were a troubling indication of problems in Stormgaurd.

"Something's definitely going on, " Lyalla claimed.

Having arrived beyond the valley, and traveling steadily south, downhill, towards the Colmite, the group slowed their pace. Before long, the rapid water sloshing over stones grew audible. The sun had set, and they needed to find a place to camp before it was dark.

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