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   Chapter 7 No.7

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5442

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"If I may, " Larson interrupted. "Why do you need outside help?" Aluham remained silent. His green eyes were fierce, though, and he pursed his lips as though sucking his tongue behind closed teeth. There was an answer, and it wasn't one he cared to voice. "I guess maybe you don't need help, " Larson falsely resigned and made to leave.

"Hey, " Garrett called.

"No, " Larson snipped, his back already turned. He started fiddling with Duke's reins. "The elves are far more powerful than two, slow-witted humans. I'm sure they have some kind of contingency in place."

As Larson walked away with Duke in tow, Aluham chastised him. "You petulant human! We elves do not need the help of outsiders!"

"Your Grace, please, " Garrett pleaded. "Forgive my friend. I'm sure he meant no insult."

"We need help because in light of our peaceful living and enlightened ways, we have abandoned the strategies of war, " Aluham grumbled. The words, the tone of voice that poured from the elf; it was as if the words were at once venomous and painful. "We are a peace loving race—the mountain elves—and this situation requires the boorish brunt of a human force."

The abhorrence of having to admit any kind of weakness, and to a human, was beyond revolting. That was why he covered his embarrassment with thinly veiled insults.

"You can't fight them, " Larson asked with his back still turned.

"No, " Aluham admitted in a pouting tone.

Larson smiled to himself, turned, and stormed a few feet closer to the gate. He halted for a moment, glanced at Garrett then walked right up to the gate and leaned on it.

"None of this i

e said. "Lord Ansalle, it is good to see you again to be sure, and you must be Lord Larson."

"Just Larson, " he smiled and eyed Garrett, who grinned and shrugged.

"My name is Lyalla, " the elven woman said.

She was almost as tall as the other elves, a hair over six feet. Fortha and Shula were an inch or so taller than Larson, who had roughly four inches on Garrett. The elven men also looked very much like each other; wide jaws, narrow noses, and pale, brown eyes.

Together, the band of five journeyed east down the hard packed trail of mount Lod, and rounded an immense boulder that segmented the trail into an inclined path toward the Colmite, and a declining path back towards Fargo. While Garrett and Lyalla chatted amicably, Larson questioned the brothers about their fighting prowess and the goblins' skills in battle. They openly embellished, saying they were an unbeatable duo in sword play and archery, but admitted that these particular goblins were simply too fierce, and that a pack of mountain lions—to boot—created a force that was beyond their abilities.

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