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   Chapter 6 No.6

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5240

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"We're not welcoming outsiders at the moment, " one of the elves blurted.

They were very tall men and somewhat lanky. Much like most ethnicities of elves, their ears were long and pointy. One of them had long, braided, brown hair. The other's hair was lighter, and a portion of it over the left ear was shaved. He had several, thins braids bound from left to right, framing his sharp featured face. Both had dark complexions, wore green, silk tunics, and had bows slung over their shoulders.

"It's me, " Garrett said in response to their warning.

They remained silent, stoic. Larson and Garrett exchanged a look.

"We're here to see your community leader, " Larson said. They still had no reply, so he added, "To speak to him about clearing out the goblin infestation."

That time, it was the elves that traded a glance. The one on the right hand side of the gate—the one with many braids—took a long, white horn with gold trim and blew three, short, successive notes.

"Stay put. Aluham will come to meet with you, " the brown haired elf announced.

"Many thanks, " Garrett replied.

"So prim and proper, " Larson scoffed under his breath.

Garrett winced and shrugged, indifferently. "At least you get to speak to him." A moment passed. Garrett's horse whinnied. "Easy, Lola, " he said to his mount.

A squad of four elves approached the gates. Among them were two wearing studded leathers and carrying short swords and bows. Another of them was quite aged. He held a long, gnarled staff. A thin, gray beard reached the waist of his red robe. The

aid. "If this is a problem, we'll solve it, but I have to know what's going on here. I'm not about to run in there like a rabid dog looking for food."

Aluham gave a frowning nod of approval and resignation, saying, "Last week, they attacked us with mountain lions."

"Mountain lions, " Garrett asked with a stunned look of surprise.

"That's correct, " Aluham said in disbelief. "They've somehow managed to tame them and use them as an advance strike team. That's when I saw their sorcerer, a tall, muscular goblin garbed in the furs of the lions. He stood in the background—a greenish devil covered in war paint—the mountain's scarp face behind him. He barked orders to his growling beasts; that screeching, goblin tongue is an assault to the ears."

"I didn't know goblins trained animals, much less mountain lions, " Larson said to Garrett.

"They don't…normally, " he said.

"Correct, " Aluham added. "But now you see the problem. The goblins have a leader, an intelligent creature set to hunt us down as if we're the animals."

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