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   Chapter 5 No.5

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5104

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Larson waited a moment before answering, "Yes. I must admit that I think he's right, but I couldn't begin to know what's really happening. I mean, maybe things were quiet for a while in the world, or maybe they weren't…the elves might be able to shed some light on that. They live much longer than us, but I think you can't really trust them. Elves deny the truth."

"They do do that, " Garrett assented. He then grit his teeth a little and crinkled his mouth. "Maybe things are always going on."

"That's what I think, " Larson agreed. "Most people are just too busy with their lives; their mom is sick, their dad is injured and can't work, their wife is pregnant again, they have kids going to school, they work, they're tired, hungry, drunk, horny…no one…no one takes the time to really, " he then trailed off in search of the right words.

"No one takes the time to really assess the world around them, " Garrett said, slowly.

"Right, so would you agree that there are monsters?"

"Of course."

"In my hometown, those people really thought there were no more monsters, " Larson said in disbelief.

"But did they really, or were they just voicing feigned aspirations?"

"What do you mean?"

"I find that many people deny things, or act like they deny things, because it's safer to deny those things, " Garrett tried to explain. "They say there's no more monsters, so they don't have to think about monsters, and if they convince everyone else to stick their heads neatly into their arses then everyone can get

uld've sent flaming shards every which way, " Garrett asked with an arched brow.

"No, yeah, of course. I was kidding."

"Yeah, no, right. I know you were, " he answered and looked away, askew.

That was pretty much the last of their jovial conversations for the night. They passed out under the cloudy sky while cool breezes ruffled their hair. Both men seemed to waken at the same time the following morning. The variety of buzzing from different insects was astounding and astoundingly loud.

"Good morrow to you, Sir, " Garrett joked as he stood.

"This sleeping outside is for the birds, " Larson groaned while his armor clanked and clamored with his coming to his feet.

After a breakfast of smoked meat, guzzling water from goatskins, and doing their morning business, they continued up the mountain trail and saw the wooden gates of the elven community before noon. Two elves stood atop wood frame towers on either side of the gates, which were closed. Larson came to a halt to look at the guards.

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