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   Chapter 4 No.4

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5159

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Larson nodded slowly then said, "Look, Dude, I have some money saved away…in fact, I should hurry and claim Holden's stakes as well before the banks decide to keep them as their own, but that's an issue for another time. Dude, here's a couple of silver pieces. Get your mom her treatment then just get a job." The Dude tried to refuse the money, but Larson placed it in his hands and nodded again. "Take it. It's for a good cause. Just promise me you won't go do anything stupid."

"Uh, yeah, sure!"

They looked at one another. Larson's eyes held a question.

"Forgetting anything?"

"What, " the Dude asked, confused.

"You're supposed to say thank you, " Garrett clarified.

"Oh, gee, thanks!"

"Go, " Larson groaned, pointing to the exit with a motion of his head. "Garrett, get your shite together, we're heading to the elven community."


"Did you have something better to do, or do you want to see what's going on with this goblin wizard?"

"No, you're right, you're right. Let's get a move on."

With that, the Dude ran home to his mom, Larson and Garrett squared their tab with the barkeep, stopped at the stables to nab their gear and horses then wondered out of Fargo northeast towards Mount Lod. It was already late in the evening when they rode out of the stables. Low clouds rolled in overhead.

"Looks like rain, " Larson breathed while looking up.

Both men trotted along a hard packed trail to the foot of the mountain. There was scanty plant life in the area, but many insects and lizards scrounge


"You don't like the elves."

"I didn't say that, " he sniggered. "I'm just astounded by their sense of self-importance; their pomposity knows no bounds."

"Understandably, that would aggravate the crap out of anyone, but you have to look past all that, and then they're quite helpful, knowledgeable even."

"No, I know, " Larson said. "I'll dance through tulips to get my information if that's what it takes. I've no qualms about dealing with them…I guess I just have my reservations, but it's from experience…and hearsay…or whatever."

Garrett chuckled, shook his hair back, and moved his torch around in order to take in the scenery. The steep cliff wall was on their left at the moment. Its rich, sandy color looked orange under torchlight. A few specks of some reflective grains reflected the radiance like glittering stars.

"Anyway, " Garrett said then remained silent for a moment.

"Right, right, " Larson acknowledged.

"You had mentioned Holden told you something—that strange things are afoot."

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