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   Chapter 3 No.3

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Infestation By AaronDennis Characters: 5079

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"First of all, " Larson stepped in. "Driving goblins from their homes is something the likes of which those arrogant elves would find no problem with."

"What do you mean?" Garrett sounded somewhat insulted.

"I mean, they're not monsters. They're goblins, and they have a right to live in the mountains."

"They are monsters, " Garrett corrected. "They raze, pillage, and murder; all they do is kill."

"Wouldn't you if someone encroached on your territory, " Larson posed. "If anything, they're animals like boar or mountain lions. They may not construct houses, till the land, or read books, but they craft tools, they have a society, they live off the land, and only arrogant elves or ignorant humans would bother to go and kill them for no reason."

Although Larson had killed goblins with Holden, it had been made evident that those particular goblins were purposefully butchering a rancher's cattle. Besides, it wasn't for no reason; it was for money, he mused. Garrett placed his elbow on the table and his chin in his hand. He rapped the fingers of his left hand on the wooden edge for a moment, obviously deep in thought. The action drew Larson from ruminations, yet left him to acknowledge the hole in the pit of his stomach, the loss of Holden.

"I had never looked at it that way, " the fencer finally said. "Nevertheless, they are infringing on the elven community. This is new. I have visited those particular elves before with my mother and father, and there was never a goblin issue before. Now, things are different. The elves have a right to peace as well, and I think you'll agree; you can't forge an alliance with goblins…orcs, maybe, but not goblins."

Larson arched a brow. It was his turn to wonder. The Dude looked at them both.

"Is there money in it, " the boy asked.

"I was going to offer a reward out of my own pocket if the job was done, but there's always something in goblin caves worth selling. They steal, and they usually steal shiny things; daggers, silverware, jewelry; they really like gems, " Garret mumbled with his chin still in his hand.

"There ain't no job around here I can work to get the money I need as quick as I need it, " the Dude said.

"Larson, " Garrett said and faced him.

"What, " he breathed.

"I know you're having a difficult time with Holden's passing…I'll bet if the three of us go together and take out the goblins, you'll be able to get your mind off your troubles."

"First of all, " Larson spoke, sternly. "Don't presume to know my mind. Second

of all, I'm not taking him with us, and third of all, I don't know that I trust you. Frankly, you seem a bit shady to me. I don't think you're a fencer."

Garrett straightened up and leaned back with an over dramatic look of feigned insult; his eyes were wide open, and his mouth was agape. He even gasped.

"Well…I do fence, but certainly we are more…or less than we seem to be, no?"

They all grew quiet. The Dude thought twice about saying something, but figured he'd just be told to pipe down again. Larson considered the fact that he'd hit a wall in his search for his family, and Garrett thought about how the elves were going to owe him if he did the job for them.

"Why don't the elves kill the goblins, " the Dude eventually asked.

"Well, how about that, " Larson said, slowly. "The Dude, here, just asked the most pertinent question."

Garrett blinked, quickly. "Well, I uh, you see." He then broke into a gale of laughter. "The truth is that they tried, but the goblins have some kind of sorcerer in their employ."

"A man, " Larson asked.

"No, and that's the disturbing part. He's a goblin who wields powerful magick."

"I though goblins were dumb, " the Dude interjected.

"They're supposed to be, " Larson affirmed. "Holden told me something, though." The two leaned in. "He said there was something fishy going on in the world like maybe there's an imbalance of magick, or forces, or something. He noted a steady rise in monster activity or even in general magick activity. The elves have certainly been quiet lately, no doubt researching destructive forces, which have obliterated them time and again; they certainly don't seem to learn. Also, the worshipping of deities has been on a steady decline. Humans are shifting away from the Gods and joining the elves in what can only be classified as a worship of magick."

"Tarielle is Goddess of magick, " Garrett said.

"Yet I have never seen a temple of Tarielle in the towns or cities I've visited."

"They talk about her in magick schools."

"Well…maybe this goblin issue is worth looking into, but I want to speak to the elves first, " Larson warned.

"What am I supposed to do, " the Dude asked.

"Get a job, " Larson said, but Garret simultaneously, said, "Come with!"

"No, " Larson said, emphatically. "If you two go together, I'm out, so pick your partner, Garrett. Will you adventure with Larson or this Dude?"

Garrett half smiled and snickered. "Larson and Garrett does have a better ring to it than Garret and the Dude."

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