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   Chapter 8 No.8

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A Werewolf in the Dark By AaronDennis Characters: 5225

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They formed an easygoing friendship, and by the time they made it to Jonsburrough, a town twice the size of Flotsam on the Jons River proper, Holden had taught Larson a few fighting techniques with axe, dagger, and even some unarmed self-defense. In town, with the stinking carcass of the werewolf strapped to Rabidous, they incurred the strangest looks imaginable; surprise, revulsion, shame, gratitude; Jonsburrough was a town full of disbelievers, but one family headed by Matriarch Vaughn knew all too well the wolf was real.

Holden led them over a bridge and to the Vaughn manse where the guard opened the wrought iron gate, led Rabidous to the private stable, and sent Holden and Larson to the front door. The manse was an enormous place, three stories high and built of mortar and black and gray stones placed over a wooden frame. Surrounding the house was a rose garden, a pond, a running fountain, the private stables, and judging from the sounds emitting from what appeared to be an airy building with a rattan roof, an aviary.

Holden motioned for Larson to stay at the bottom step. The old man walked up three steps, took the iron bar on the large, wooden door, and pounded. A moment later, a squat woman with round features in a maid's uniform answered. She smiled gleefully and invited Holden inside.

"My manservant, " Holden said, jokingly, and pointed to Larson, who bore a frown.

"Of course, of course, " the woman invited them both inside in such an overt, jovial manner, Larson was certain that she was truly happy.

The interior—or the

rson saw the contents. Twelve hundred was a lot of gold. Holden had not been joking. Larson thought he was going to faint.

"I certainly hope poor father didn't cause you too much trouble, " Mrs. Vaughn said. "This small fortune is more than ample, I should think."

"It is, " Holden nodded. "May we have this split into two smaller containers?"

Mrs. Vaughn seemed dreadfully tired. The proof that whatever had ailed her family was over shattered her strength, and she claimed the need to lie down. The guard humbly handled everything else. Holden and Larson waited politely outside in the shade provided by the large house. The sun was starting to set in the eastern sky, and they were on the western end of the home.

"You've got plenty of money now, Larson, " Holden said, nodding his head, but without looking at the lad. He was looking off into town. "Stable's over there. Ricky'll help you pick out a good horse. Then, you can ride back to Pallisade, and see if there's news of your brother, or ride out to Shau, or wherever."

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