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   Chapter 6 No.6

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A Werewolf in the Dark By AaronDennis Characters: 5296

Updated: 2017-12-29 12:02

A guttural groan forced both men into silence. Holden gently shoved Larson against the tree. He then leaned in and whispered into his ear that he was placing the dagger in his hand, to stay low and still, and only move if the werewolf jumped him.

Larson clenched his teeth, shut his eyes tight, and wished he wasn't in such a horrible predicament. He reached out for Holden once the dagger was placed into his hand, and holding the man by the sleeve, he begged him not to leave.

"Not leaving you, boy, " Holden whispered.

The growl erupted through the pattering rain again. It was followed by a heaving hiss of sorts not unlike a snorting bull, but somehow more portentous. Before Larson ventured a glance towards the sound, wet, furry mass struck him solid. The werewolf had slammed him against the tree, and growling as it held him by the shoulders with razor like claws, its hot, wretched breath washed over the boy's face.

Ear splitting menacing barks and growls bore hot spittle, and though the young man's heart pounded, he had enough sense to stab the beast from the side, once, twice, three times, and he felt the monster's strength wane. It whimpered and fell back. Larson shouted, dove onto the beast, and feeling around with one hand, he located the monster's wet, furry, belly, struck the dagger deep, and then tore down with all his might all the while screaming like a man possessed.

"Good, good!" Holden shouted. "Again!"

Larson stabbed, and tore, stabbed and tore, with both hands on the dagger, until tears flooded his eyes. Warm blood oozed out, coverin

"It's people like us, and there's no clear cut answer…maybe we're just born for it."

They continued then in silence beyond the guard shack. Holden led them past the warrens and towards the noble's district on the northwest side of the city. Larson noted the differences in the buildings once they made it beyond the western edge of the town square. The rain had let up a bit, and while the poor district's housing had snuffed out their candles to sleep, the nobility were apparently still awake. Larson saw the glow through the wooden shutters of the expertly crafted, stone buildings. They were all very large constructs. Holden suddenly came to a halt, nudged Larson, and pointed to the stables.

Even the stables was an immense, stone building of dark, gray bricks. The stalls on the southern end of the building were the common style woodwork separating prized steeds. They both made for the semi-lit stables. Holden moved to the far end of the stalls were a smoldering torch wavered with orange luminescence.

"This here's Rabidous, " he said.

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