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   Chapter 4 No.4

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - A Werewolf in the Dark By AaronDennis Characters: 5404

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No, he didn't. Larson wanted to see what life really had to offer. He was a rare breed of man whose point of reference in life wasn't himself, but something else, something out in the world, something impersonal, and Holden was the same.

"What else is there, " Larson asked, carefully.

Holden smiled, knowingly; he had the boy. "Something you'd never expect. Something you never see coming. Something that forces you to use every resource at your disposal; living to the absolute fullest of your ability. There's a whole, mysterious world out there, boy. You've got the guts to see it?"

"Larson, " Barry heaved. "Ask him about his last apprentice."

Holden shot Barry a look of contempt, or something even beyond contempt. He pointed firmly at the barkeep, stood up, growled that now he wasn't going to give him even a single copper, and stormed out into the rain. As Larson fired a glance of surprise at Barry, who had a pathetic expression on his face, Barry shook his head implying not to follow, but Larson was overly curious. The feeling of childhood in Flotsam had been recaptured. The lad bolted out the door.

Holden was standing in the rain, maneuvering back into his riding cloak. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Larson standing in the open doorway, light shining over him.

"My last apprentice, as Barry mentioned, died on the job, " Holden admitted. "He's right. Don't get yourself killed. Stay here and work yourself to death. Oh, wait, in both cases you die, but you only live in one."

"One what?"

"Once case, dunce, " Holden chuckled. "I'm saying there's always the risk of death. It

y; the change in sound was created by rain striking leaves of a canopy. Moments later, they came to rest against the trunk of an enormous oak. Several smaller oaks grew in the area. It was just as difficult to see, and even harder to hear one another, but less rain pelted them. Holden was checking his traveling pack for something.

"If it's in here, won't it come after us, " Larson pried.

"I suppose, " Holden huffed. "Hold this."

He then placed something in Larson's hand, which felt like the end of some hemp rope. Larson didn't even have the chance to ask what was going on. He felt Holden move away. Deftly and quickly, the old warrior tied the ends of the rope together and the lad was secured to the trunk of the oak.


"Settle down, " Holden grunted and seemed to be moving a great deal.

"You're tying me to the tree as bait!"

"You'll be fine."

Quickly as he began, Holden had dashed around the tree several times to secure Larson's body to the tree's trunk. The boy howled, grumbled, yelled, and cursed, but the warrior was unsympathetic.

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