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   Chapter 21 No.21

There Will Be Walrus First Volume V By CamestrosFelapton Characters: 5101

Updated: 2017-12-27 12:02

Not sure where that bus is? It hasn't been very reliable of late.

So, what made you put a walrus on the cover? Well, it was in the title. "There Will Be Walrus"

Is it a Beatles reference? Sorry?

You know "koo-koo ka-choo? Oh the 'Beatles'. I thought you said 'beagles'.

Ha, ha, it's my accent. No, no, my hearing is a bit off. I have a cold.

So is the book all finished? I just have this faq to write.

A fack? A frequently asked questions page.

Oh an eff-ay-kew. Is that how you say it? I've never had to say it out loud. I've just always assumed you say 'faq'.

Can I help? Sure. Just ask me some questions. I already wrote the first question you asked down here on this post-it note.

OK. Where did you get all the stories from? Well it was my cat who collected them - mainly from people around the house.

I see. So you didn't collect lots of submissions from multiple authors? I think that is the standard way of doing things but you know, he's a cat. Cats just like to bring stuff in they find and just leave it there.

You mean like dead birds? Yes, a lot like dead birds. In some cases literally dead birds.

Maybe next time you could do a call for submissions. You might get something other than dead wildlife. Ha, ha, yes I might just do that! Maybe for charity or something.

I think that would be nice. So, what stories are in the book? Well there is one about a robot and a military base, another with space vampires, one about a boy who runs away to fight space pirates, a mystery set


Nope, they passed a law in a secret closed session of Congress. Every branch of government is involved. But, that's unconstitutional! It is a breach of your civil rights!

They can get away with it because I'm Canadian. It is supposed to protect America from the encroaching dangers of northern leftism. But surely there is something we can do to fight this Ggqxzoid menace?

I think you and the people you know can all help. Absolutely. You can count on my support. This is an issue on which everybody, left and right, can agree. We can't have the Ggqxzoid Empire putting trackers on people! What can I do to help?

Well, normally I can't even speak about the tracker. Luckily there is a vulnerability - a glitch in the system. Tell me more, I'm listening.

The one place I can tell people is in the FAQ of a Military Science Fiction anthology. Wait a minute…I'm publishing a Military Science Fiction anthology! You can tell people about the Ggqxzoid menace in that!

Thank you! How else can we help?

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