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   Chapter 15 No.15

There Will Be Walrus First Volume V By CamestrosFelapton Characters: 5923

Updated: 2017-12-27 12:02

Now George RR Martin might laugh at us and say 'Winter is coming' but like other big name authors he doesn't understand that this is not winter. Winter always turns to spring but there is no spring for the Big Publishers. They think that readers who they have systematically alienated with message fiction and disenfranchised by excluding them from popular awards with insulting 'asterisks' are going to come flooding back in the near future. Sorry Big 4 but it is too late. Readers got the message LOUD AND CLEAR already and they are choosing indie published books.

As an Indie Publisher and accomplished editor, people ask me 'Timothy, what is the best price for my new novel?' Firstly, to me your novel is priceless. It is a thing from your heart that you have given to the world. But to everybody else and Amazon, you need to set a price.

What can we learn from economics? Economics tells us a valuable lesson that we can learn just by looking at how badly the elites have been running big government. The liberals think that if they keep raising taxes that the government gets more money. Oops! Wrong! Instead deficits keep rising. In truth the only way to get more money is to LOWER TAXES and CUT COSTS.

Modern kids these days don't learn mathematics in school, instead they have social-justice math encounter experiences or some other kind of 'new math' common-core rubbish. Those of you lucky enough to got to school in the past or maybe to a private school will know enough maths to have worked out the obvious conclusion from the economic lesson I gave above.

LESS IS MORE when it comes to taxes and when it comes to ebook prices. So think about that a minute. If less is more then what is MOST? You are right! The best price point is ZERO DOLLARS but rem

the liquid of Bacchus and consume cheeses with crackers or maybe tapas, on reflection. Above that lot there was probably also a talking cat.

And higher on the high hilly hill in centre of the city were the libraries and learned places and the palaces that we mentioned earlier (the ones with the empty windows) where emperors were adored as gods. But no history was read in the halls of learning and no laws were debated in the halls of power – because everybody was dead. Yes, they were all dead. Just pointing that out now, in case you hadn't spotted it. Everyone was dead except for sentient dairy products and a talking cat called Timothy.

Not far outside of the city was a mountain that had been cut in two, crown to root by some great supernatural force with a grudge against geology. On the slopes of the dark mountain (see I had said all was dark), which was now really two distinct mountains with a great big cleft in the middle (which created a visual impression that Timothy the Talking Cat found a little unsettling), in a dell overgrown and wild, two dark (all is dark) creatures met, peering cautiously at the city which they couldn't see because all was dark.

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