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   Chapter 14 No.14

There Will Be Walrus First Volume V By CamestrosFelapton Characters: 5278

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"I see, " said Mikhail a tiny bit perturbed. "So what is the plan."

"Well, we will be heading off to Beta-Carotene 3 well before any other cargo-hauler thinks to even attempt to travel there. Being the very first ship to fly there we will have a head start on everybody."

"I don't understand. The first ship? Surely the colony ships were the first ships to fly there?"

"That's the genius of the plan my boy! We set off years before any colony ships even think of going to Beta Carotene 3."

"That makes no sense. There won't be a colony there when we arrive."

"Don't worry about that. You see space drive technology is improving exponentially. We will head off in this ship but while we are travelling, spaceships in general will be getting faster. So, long before we get to the system, new much faster colony ships will have set off at higher speeds and will get there before us!"

"But, won't we have to be in space for a long time for technology to improve that much?"

"Beta Carotene 3 is hundreds of light years away. The trip is going to take us at least a hundred and fifty years."

"But we'll be dead by then!"

"No, no. While we are travelling advances in anti-ageing will be taking place back here on Earth. We'll receive transmissions from Earth with plans for anti-ageing technology which we will implement thus extending our life spans and enabling us to make the journey. Not to mention we will also be retrofitting the ship with new faster engines as we go. That's why I need a brilliant and flexible thinking engineer on board."

"With all due

driven cars that take them from their gated community to their job in some fancy office building where they publish books for some liberal multinational.

As I looked at the trees I considered the lazy and thieving squirrels who were busy hoarding nuts like people on welfare. Those squirrels reminded me of just how bankrupt Marxism is. Marxism is very bankrupt. This was a lesson I learnt growing up as a small kitten. In those days we were very poor. Not so poor that we had nothing to eat but poor enough that may parents simply couldn't afford to buy me a playstation. Unlike the kids today I had to make my own entertainment or perhaps play on the gameboy I had got for Christmas. Good times.

Naturally this got me thinking about the mainstream 'Big four' publishers and how their business strategy is doomed. Nobody buys books from them anymore and yet they run around frantically trying to get money out of their big name authors (I shan't name examples but John Scalzi springs to mind) just like those squirrels gathering nuts for winter.

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