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   Chapter 12 No.12

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The second purpose of the axioms of warfare is to clarify. War is like a fog so anything that can provide clarity is a great thing for the common soldier and officer alike. Clarity is key and the only thing more important than clarity is secrecy. Secrecy, clarity and the axioms of warfare. Together these form an unbreakable triad of trust against which the soldier or military strategist can rely.

The third purpose of the axioms of warfare is as armour. No, not body armour (although by all means make use of that!) but intellectual armour to safeguard you from the stupid and the ignorant. People talk a lot of bull about war, warfare and soldiering. If you meet somebody sounding off about war, tactics and military history and you think they are phone then just ask them this question "Can you list all the axioms of warfare?" Trust me, they won't be able to.

You may be wondering about other things you have learnt. Sometimes, when I'm training the officers of the world's most fearsome fighting forces they ask me 'What about the nine principles of the Army Field Manual FM-3? What about Harrington Emerson's 12 principles of efficiency?" PULL THE WOOL FROM YOUR EARS. Those are PRINCIPLES not AXIOMS. This is not an essay on maxims or principles or tenets or opinions or, god-forbid, advice of feelings about warfare. This is an essay on the axioms of warfare.

Having clarified those issues, there are questions that need to be asked. Have I framed enough questions? Are rhetorical questions an effective textual device? Am I just avoiding the point by framing everything as questions? Is this just a way of padding out another paragraph while I think about what to write? All very importa

heroic engineer. The kind of man who could puzzle their way out of any situation with nothing but gaffer tape, a crystal radio and a portable fusion reactor. The kind of man who knew where his socket wrench was and who could jury rig a warp-compressor with nothing but a can of solent-porridge and a paper clip.

Like the surrounding streets, New Kalamazoo University of Engineering was now festooned with red banners and surrounded by marching onesie clad radicals chanting slogans. Mikhail navigated his way through the agitators and slipped quietly into the admissions office.

The office was devoid of students but Mikhail was not perturbed. The last few days had seen a voluntary and unofficial curfew as sensible people stayed off the streets to avoid being harangued by the assorted revolutionaries and radicals patrolling the area. There had been bitter fighting in the southern suburbs as the remnants of the corrupt government, that had previously tried to keep the People's Social Revolutionary Justice Party in check with bribes and concessions, now vainly tried to fight off the rising red tide of oppressive leftism.

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