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   Chapter 11 No.11

There Will Be Walrus First Volume V By CamestrosFelapton Characters: 5796

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"Curses! You were nearly too clever for me McEdifice. But your cunning intelligence is too late to save you. We vampires outnumber you four to three!" said Simon.

"You mean five to two!" said Vlad eagerly.

Simon and O'Gruff both sighed at the same time.

"Seriously Vlad, " said McEdifice gently, "We've explained all this to you before. You aren't a vampire. When you installed that hypo-training disc to learn kung-fu you accidentally installed a vintage Hammer Horror film by accident. It is a hypno-training induced delusion."

"Oh." said Vlad disappointedly.

"Now die!" cried Simon, lifting his vampire cape upwards.

"Not so fast!" cried McEdifice, "Power suit - deploy holy-water impregnated wooden flechette stakes!"

McEdifice's power suit transformed into a vampire killing machine and in a matter of moments each one of the undead monsters was peppered with tiny but lethal wood fragments. As each fragment embedded itself into the undead heart of the vampires they collapsed into ethereal dust cloud, which were then rapidly sucked away by the climate controlled air-ducts.

"McEdifice!" it was O'Gruff! In the heat of battle he had been hit by multiple flechettes.

"Nooooo!!!!" cried McEdifice.

"Don't blame yourself soldier! I died doing what I love. Now go and avenge my death by dedicating your life to killing vampires!" and with that O'Gruff gasped his last breath.

"I promise you O'Gruff and all the other brave men of Tango Squadron that died this day fighting the dual threat of space vampires and eCyberHumans, that I will never forget the debt I owe. From now on I will the live the lonely life of the vampire hunter. Perhaps one day I will once again meet comrades as worthy as each of y

s? They do not. Secondly such a general has necessarily forgotten the all important Axiom of Ditheration.

Note that in the title of this piece the active verb is 'riding'. Is this the RIGHT choice of verb? Could we have picked a different verb? Is 'riding' actually a verb or is it sometimes a noun? What matter is that when we ride a horse or a motorcycle or perhaps a penny-farthing we do two things: first we are transported by the thing we are riding and secondly we guide the thing we are riding. Transportation alone is not riding and guiding alone is not riding. The rider both guides and is transported. That is how the axioms of warfare work as well. We use them to ride. We are transported and we guide.

The guiding aspect is one of the three things the axioms of warfare are about. They serve to guide the student as they learn about war and matters pertaining to war. That isn't just me saying that but something you will find in the Korea Army textbooks and also the textbooks of the Russian Spetnaz special forces. Don't believe me? Well that is your problem. I don't go around spreading lies, unlike the guy I hired to paint the shed.

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