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   Chapter 9 No.9

There Will Be Walrus First Volume V By CamestrosFelapton Characters: 5489

Updated: 2017-12-27 12:01

The commander came over the comm system: "They have no idea we are here gentlemen, despite our warship firing a massive blunderbuss at them like a crazy farmer chasing hippies trying to use his fields for free-camping. Now that we are at the right altitude, its is only half a kilo-minute to the target vector. Team leaders confirm asset preparedness!"

"Team Tango is Tango Ready for Go!" shouted O'Gruff.

"Ready for Tango Extraction!" cried Grenadier Sadowitz

"Listen to my children of the night! Ready Tango Go!" called out Corporal Prince Vlad "the impaler" Tepes of Wallacia.

McEdifice glanced at his HUD display readout screen visuals. A purple icon showed that he was ready to go as team pathfinder. "McEdifice code-named HUNK is Ready, Go" he growled laconically.

With the last confirmation, the transport began its infamous spin-cycle. It rapidly accelerated to two-thousand revolutions per minute crushing McEdifice against his acceleration seat like a man in a really small car with something else really bulky, maybe not a TV this time, perhaps a fridge or some other expensive yet uncomfortable appliance.

Then with a sharp release, the hatches opened and each of the Space-Navy Space-SEALs were thrown out of the transport at high velocities.

"Weeeeeeee" cried Garfunkel in his distinct high-pitched and yet dulcet tone.

"Wa-hoooo!" cried Dibble in a more sort of manly way, while Vlad just made flappy noises.

Below him McEdifice could see the ground rushing by him in a frantic blur like a hurriedly applied photoshop filter. As he hurtled towards his landing zone, trees, buildings and advertising hoardi

losion grenade at the kinetic cannon. Bullets ripped into him but he shrugged them off like he was immune to death.

"You cannot kill what doesn't live!" shouted Zwicky incongruously.

Just then Smith appeared on the left flank armed with a plasma-bazooka and blew up the front door.

"Charge!" shouted O'Gruff.

Tango Squadron powered forward as their power-arbor powered them forward in a powerful display of military power. 112.20 meters out from their target Sarge lifted his left are and rained down explosive flechettes into the waiting hallway. Screams of injured and dying eCyberHumans echoed out over the noise of gun fire.

"Surrender or we'll blow you into some many pieces you could fill the shelves of a RadioShack!" shouted McEdifice at the remaining eCyberHumans.

"Oh, I say good chap!" called out the lead eCyberHuman, a well dressed cyborg wearing a monocle and a laser cravat. "Please accept our surrender and do excuse the mess. I'm afraid the maid couldn't clean up before your arrived due to his head being blown up by some of your more enthusiastic shooting."

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