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   Chapter 24 No.24

McEdifice Returns By CamestrosFelapton Characters: 4665

Updated: 2017-12-27 12:02

For a moment there was silence but then the sound of sardonic clapping echoed through the cathedral.

"Great speech, " said a figure hidden in the shadows above. With a mighty leap the figure leapt from the alcove where he had been hidden and then landed in a superhero punching the ground really cool pose.

"You made just one tiny mistake, " said the figure standing up to his full manly height. "YOU are not actually Chiseled McEdifice."

Everybody gasped as they stared at the new, broad-shouldered figure.

"Why act so surprised? The clue was in the title all along! *I* am the real Chiseled McEdifice and I HAVE RETURNED!!!!!!!!"

Chapter Novella Crisis

In the sitting room of Felapton Towers the world's most accomplished editor sat checking the proofs of the latest edition of his awarding winning work.

"Well you and Straw Puppy actually managed to see this project through, " said Tiothy the Talking Cat's human minion person - some cringing nobody called Canberra Freemantle.

"Yes indeed, " replied the world's finest wordsmith, " truly one of the great novels of our time."

"Novella, " replied Cambarian Flexplosion.

"Bless you but do cover your mouth when you sneeze. Don't you know there is an epidemic of what we cats are calling 'human flu' going around. Humans are a major disease vector these days." explained Timothy displaying his deep understanding of me

k. I'd need to add a chapter of 'I's inconspicuously earlier in the book!"

"By jove! It might just work!"



"Well I did it! I added a whole bunch."

"Great, that gets you to over thirty thousand words!"

"That's more than seventy thousand right?"

Final Edifice

WOOOOOSSSHH! Cold open before theme music:

Flashback: Twenty+ Chapters Ago. Location – the lonesome homestead of Chiseled McEdifice on the far prairie plains of the Grassland Planet of Steppe.

Chuck the Pony lies on the ground. To all intents and purposes, he looks dead. In the distance, a cloud of dust marks the journey of McEdifice on his bicycle, off to exact revenge on the Treerat Gang.

A broad manly shadow covers Chuck.

"How you feeling buddy?" says a familiar voice.

Chuck opens his eyes. "I've felt better. Is the operation GO?" asks Chuck.

Above him in full mech-suit battle auto-armour is Chiseled McEdifice.

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