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   Chapter 22 No.22

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With Demonicus dead [see Straw Puppy and Timothy in Space fight the Space Aliens Commies Spooks and Win: Book 23 – Halloween In Space!] Betsy was now a Princess of the Demon Dimension! With her new found status she had made herself Queen of the Space Vampires! Oh my gosh, yes.

"Has our whole relationship been a lie?" asked McEdifice, as Betsy finished recounting this backstory in the cathedral just so everybody could catch up.

"No McEdifice! I still love you its just that I'm now the most powerful demonic entity in this dimension! Our wedding vows are a sacred compact, Chiseled. You must join me as my husband and BECOME KING OF THE SPACE VAMPIRES!"

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" said McEdifice.

Bonus McEdifice Puzzle Cover!

Before we reach the end it is time for a McEdificequiz!Test your knowledge to see if you are a McEdaficionado or a McEffinwasteofspace! Keep track of which letters you choose and then score yourself at the end!

Q1 In how many covers is McEdifice wearing shorts?

Zero - real men don't wear shorts



Q2 In how many covers does McEdifice NOT appear?

One - the one with ScanScan transforming

Zero - he's always there

Negative one - he also appears on the covers of other books

Q3 In how many covers is McEdifice sitting down?




Q4 In how many covers is McEdifice thinking about tap-dancing?

I'm sorry, what?

All of them?

None of them?

Your score:

Mainly A's - oh dear are you maybe a SPACE VAMPIRE?

Mainly C's - you are trying to ha

d disappointment.

"Applying updates 50 of 168…" said the screen reassuringly.

"Just hold on while the system updates. Sorry, the cathedral is the only spot with decent wi-fi." explained Popwhistle, "It tends to wait before downloading this stuff."

"Is that a new space helmet Chiseled?" ask Betsy, making small talk in the vacuum of social interaction caused by the wait before the start of Popwhistle's presentation.

"No, it is the same old space helmet but I had a new texture applied after boot camp." explained McEdifice.

"It looks nice. Very modern."


McEdifice looked at his shoes trying to think of something to say in return.

"A bit cloudy today, " he said at last, desperately turning to the weather as the safest topic of conversation.

"The cloud cover is a permanent feature of Draculon 6 that protects the vampire population from sunlight."

"Ah, of course. I guess it is always cloudy."


"How have you been?"

"Oh, you know…dead."

"Yes, of course. Sorry."

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