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   Chapter 17 No.17

McEdifice Returns By CamestrosFelapton Characters: 5568

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…to here.

ScanScan thinks we haven't traveled far spatial or temporally and claims this is the same planet but a few years earlier. Did I misread our previous situation? Were the so-called hippies actually a set of aliens who invaded and changed this planet's culture?

Our new location smells of burnt tree fossils and the air is borderline toxic. Everything is grey. McEdifice is lying in a heap and helpful strangers speak incomprehensibly and offer us cups of tea.

McEdifice lifts his head from the floor and stares at the grey sky above us. In the softest tone he says, "nooooooooo…"

Bonus McEdifice Title Song

To the tune ofTransformers Robots in Disguise

McEdifice - Super Space Marine

Space Vampires - flying through the skies, Space Vampires - they'll come and eat your eyes, Space Marines fight to destroy the evil plans from the Draculons

McEdicife - he's really, really strong, McEdicife - he's rarely completely wrong, He spends his time fighting all the evil space vampires

McEdifice - Super Space Marine

McEdifice - Super Space Marine

He's really tough and his best friend is a photocopier


Chapter It's Grimdark Oop North

By Tim "bobbins" Cat and Straw "fettled keks" Puppy

It were grim all right. Grim and grey. Grim and grey and the air was sulfurous and full of grit.

"This is must be an aspect of the hell dimension, " said McEdifice as the trio trudged up the hillside on the outskirts of the fume enshrouded city.

"It cannot be, " replied Qzrrzxxzq, "the populace was too relentlessly chirpy."

"Service is required when belt lubrication is low, " stated ScanScan.

"He thinks it is the v

abbed the hastily printed sheet that had only moments before exited the priceless Queen Anne-era mahogany ink-jet printer. "My name needs to be BIGGER, you ridiculous nincompoop!" stated the great writer imperiously not being one to suffer fools gladly or one to suffer fools in any emotional state really, except maybe well earned annoyance.

"Way ahead of you kibble whiskers!" answered Camestros flourishing a second cover.

"I said I wanted my name to be bigger not that canine-fool of a collaborator!" replied the cat they call 'The Bard of Bortsworth'.

"You do understand, " explained the underling who for some insubordinate reason was still hanging around, "that the word 'collaborator' in this context is not synonymous with 'traitor'"

"If he can collaborate with me he could be collaborating with anybody! Even liberals!" pointed out the member of the intellectually superior species. "Anyway my name needs to be even bigger. See to it!" and with that Timothy dismissed the pointless primate.

"I anticipated your request" said the apparently as yet un-dismissed descendant of ape-beings.

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