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   Chapter 15 No.15

McEdifice Returns By CamestrosFelapton Characters: 5260

Updated: 2017-12-27 12:02

"Well I for one endorse the concept, " replied replied replied Camestros, "After all you made up International Tim Day, Catmas and The Feast of Saint Felix the Squirrel Killer."

"It is a DISTRACTION you fool! A distraction from our important work!" replied replied replied replied Timothy, slamming his tiny fist-like paw on the desk in front of him. "I need some help from you with this project and you are off doing who knows what for that mechanical fusspot!"

"I was burning what Americans call 'candy' in a pre-emptive bonfire night."

"Bonfire night?"

"Ah, yes – you miss out every year because pets must be hidden on bonfire night. It is an annual British festival of fireworks and municipal arson based on 17th-century anti-Catholicism and remembrance of a time some guy tried to blow up parliament but with syncretic elements of pagan pre-winter festivals. Also traditionally children beg for money by demonstrating to adults that they have made an effigy of a man who was tortured to death which they will burn later. It is very traditional."

"Now who is making stuff up?" said the cat skeptically.

"On reflection Catmas sounds more plausible." agreed Camestros. "So what help do you need?"

"Look! I want these letters to be really small but the stupid program will only let me pick a font-size of 8 as the smallest!" explained Timothy.

"I can't help noticing the letters fill the screen currently."

"Well yes. I've zoomed in because I can't read a font size smaller than 16 and no, I would not 'look cute' in glasses and you are NOT taking me

ction editor, "I'm off to engrave rude slogans on a tiny fragment of graphite!"

Tune in next time for, I don't know, a plot or something?

Chapters are just another way the man tries to control us

McEdifice Returns will help you embrace your inner space travel and expand your perspective of the universe. Written and researched by Dr Timothy the Talking Cat and Professor of Thought-Expansion Straw Puppy M.D.

The story so far: whoah, like really freaky colours everywhere for a while man.

[Previous notebook is not available.]

Journal Entry. Field Officer Qzrrzxxzq

Day 37 since the dimensional distortion event.

The wig and shapeless clothes seem to be an effective disguise if we stay in urban areas. The region of this planet we are on has recently developed a youth subculture that values garish clothes and non-standard hair styles. While neither I nor ScanScan are adept at imitating their style of dress or mode of speech, older people adhering to societal norms naturally assume we are part of the said sub-culture.

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