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   Chapter 14 No.14

McEdifice Returns By CamestrosFelapton Characters: 5383

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[Sounds of scuffle.]

[Dinosaur voice] AND STAY OUT! Damn dog urinated on the fuse box and snuck back in when Camestros went outside.

Ahem, Susan here again. With me is Timothy "Calmed Down Now After Alarming Themselves With Thoughts of Squirrels" The Cat. Timothy will be taking over from here as frankly I need a drink. Over to you Timothy.

[Cat voice] Here we go! Spooky ending coming up!

So McEdifice, Qzrrzxxzq and ScanScan the Dancing Photocopier Man, look out of the windows on the fifth and/or sixth floor of Spindle, Spindle and Gatefold. In the street below they could see the forces of the Space Vampires surrounding the building.

"Come out McEdifice. We know you are in there!" shouts a Space Vampire through a megaphone. When McEdifice looks down to see who is speaking he realises it is ONE OF THE TREERAT GANG! Those no good traitors had left the army and joined the Space Vampires. Oh MINDBLOWN TWIST! You didn't see THAT coming did you!

"GRRRR" said McEdifice, "Lousy traitors."

"If you don't come out McEdifice, " shouts the Treerat Gang Member, "We'll just blast the whole planet from space!"

McEdifice bows his head and then looks up at Qzrrzxxzq and ScanScan the Dancing Photocopier Man and says (this bit is really moving):

"Qzrrzxxzq, ScanScan the Dancing Photocopier Man, there have been too many sacrifices, too many good men, good bicycles, and good ponies have died in my quest for revenge. I have no choice to give myself up to the Space Vampires in the hope that you two might survive. It is a far, far better thing I do now than I have ever done e

n the lawn burning a huge bonfire of Halloween confectionery. On reflection, keeping the gates locked and the security system on had possibly deterred trick-or-treaters. "Something to note for next year, " he thought to himself, "and maybe switch off the cloaking device and maybe we should get ourselves released from the curse that puts us 2 seconds and half an inch to one side of reality."

With the fire safely consuming the dangerously sugary sweets Camestros retreated inside to see how Timothy was going with his All Saints Day cleaning activities.

"How are you going with your All Saints Day cleaning activities?" he asked as he stepped into the South Library.

"You know, " replied the verbose feline, "that there is no such 'Ancient Folk Tradition' as All Saints Day cleaning activities?"

"Really? Because Mr Atomic put forward a very convincing case…" replied Camestros with a hint of doubt in his voice.

"You will believe anything robots tell you and he knows it, " replied replied Timothy, "It was nothing but a ruse to trick us into tidying up!"

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