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   Chapter 11 No.11

McEdifice Returns By CamestrosFelapton Characters: 4699

Updated: 2017-12-27 12:02

[Tim] Meh.

[Susan] And it should continue:

McEdifice greeted Qzrrzxxzq.

"You are dressed in a very sensible way for the mission. Also I note that you aren't using those holograms and force fields any more and are instead appearing as a member of your species rather than trying to conform to the arbitrary standards of late twentieth century capitalist patriarchy."

"Yes, " said Qzrrzxxzq, "Also I forgot to mention that as well as being a stranded anthropology student, I am also a reservist in my planet's special forces."

[Tim] Meh. You forgot to mention because you are stupid head who looks like somebody tried to draw a rhino but didn't know what a rhino looked like, that Ms Qzrrzxxzq also says:

"We need to get that paper back. Something has gone very strange with local hyperspace and we haven't got any supplies from Offalon 7, the stationary supply and pocket calculator planet. Without those missing stocks of paper, the work of Spindle, Spindle and Gatefold will grind to a halt!"

[CF] Hi Tim. I took the phone away from Susan because she was quite literally trying to reach down the phone line and kick you. I can't afford the vet bill or another elaborate scheme to get you the vet, so can you try not to antagonise prehistoric creatures 100 times your size please?

[Tim] What do you mean, "another elaborate scheme"?

[CF] Um…

[Tim] sigh – it doesn't matter, Susan

ray! Why it is almost like a happy ending!

[Tim] Not so fast Pharrell-apton. There is a twist!

[CF] Gasp!

[Tim] Ahem:

Just then a loud siren began sirening through the building. Ms. Qzrrzxxzq checked her combat-ready Blackberry? for new messages.

"Gasp!" she said.

McEdifice turned to her, his finely tuned intuition and full situational awareness assaulting his senses more loudly than the siren or Ms. Qzrrzxxzq's Blackberry? related gasp.

"It was a trap all along!" she cried. "The Space Vampires have broken the treaty. It was just a ruse to enable them to invade THIS PLANET! They are landing right now and sweeping through every office building on the planet looking for something!"

[CF] Oh, does McEdifice say "Nooo!!!" now?

[Tim] He says "Noooo!!!!"

[CF] "Noooooo!!!!!!!"

[Tim] "Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!"

[CF] "Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[Tim] "Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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