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   Chapter 105 No.105

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The dog ran in as soon as the door opened and over to the bathtub. There sat Flick, paler than ever. His blood had coloured the water a rich red and the dog was lapping up as if he'd gone days without satisfying his thirst.

Perseus noted the bloodied multi-tool lying near the bathtub and understood the situation. Olympians had not been taught much about suicide, but he knew enough to know that this was a suicide attempt. The question now was what he could do.

Flick slowly turned to look at him. His eyes bloodshot and his face drained of all colour. He looked as if he was about to say something, but instead he fell forward, slamming his head on the rim of the bathtub.

"Flick?" he asked, hoping the boy was still conscious, but the water suggested that quite a large amount of blood had been lost.

Perhaps I should tell Andromeda, he considered as he stood, confused as a child, in the doorway. No, I cannot disturb her while she is grieving. Maybe I should call the ambulance, but I should ask Andromeda if I have permission to use the phone.

Maybe I should try to stop Flick's bleeding and when Andromeda wakes up tomorrow morning I will ask what I should do.

… But why would Flick do this to himself? If he wa

s were feasting on the juicy stories Nikhita had so graciously provided them with.

"Wherrre is Prrroteusss?" Ghoad asked when an image of an Olympian was shown.

"Still at the Jordanis estate, " Nikhita stated calmly. "Being an Olympian allows to slip by everyone unnoticed. I doubt Lysander, given everything else that is going on, has noticed that he has one extra Olympian working for him."

"It isss unlikely, " the svellik agreed.

After another long silence Nikhita paused the news on the image of Lady Andromeda Sun sobbing. She raised her glass and gestured for Ghoad to do the same.

"To anarchy, " she said as their glasses clinked.

"To anarrrchy, " Ghoad echoed before taking a sip of the apple cider.

Nikhita then unpaused the news so that they could continue to watch their society crumble.

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