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   Chapter 104 No.104

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"The police are here for you, " he said.

"I beg your pardon?"

Princeton stopped talking to a distraught Melody when he heard the head's words.

"I have to go, " he said heartlessly. "My father's in trouble."

"What do they want?" Jordanis asked.

Before the head had time to answer, two police officers stepped into the room.

"Lord Lysander Jordanis, " the taller one began, "you are under arrest for sexually assaulting four Olympians and one count of rape."

"What?" Lysander shook his head. "What on Manticore are you talking about?"

"Four complaints have been filed against you. Now, will you come willingly?"

Lysander looked back at his son. Never had he seen such a look of hate in his eyes.

"How could you?" Princeton hissed, but he remained absolutely stiff – he was in shock.

"Yes, " Lysander said, avoiding eye contact with the officers, "we must get this sorted down at the station as soon as possible. This is some kind of mistake. I believe I'm being setup by the Olympians."

"That's the thing about Olympians, " the shorter cop said, "they can't lie."

* * *

Perseus was unsure of what to do. Hours had passed since the assassination, but nobody in the Sun-Young had recovered from the shock that Koris had been killed.

On the television Chief Nikhita Kothari was being interviewed about the whole situation. She explained how she had let the downtowner into her home until he was able to find another job. Unfortunately, he was connected to the Rebellion and made plans to bring anarchy by killing the new chairperson.

ay, but Perseus still checked the main area just in case he was there.

What caught his attention was the fact that the dog was waiting outside the bathroom door. Kiddo whimpered as the Olympian neared the bathroom.

Something has caused the dog to become distressed, he noted.

He pressed his ear to the door. The sloshing of water in the bathtub could be heard.

"Flick?" he said in a voice loud enough that anyone on the other side of the door could hear, but quiet enough that he would not wake Andromeda or Melody.

The dog whimpered again, followed by a little yelp.

"Hush, Kiddo, " Perseus whispered.

I sense something is wrong with Flick.

He tested the door lock which, to his surprise, was unlocked.

It could be very rude to open the door if Flick is doing his private business, he thought. But I also sense that Flick is at risk and not checking on him could have fatal consequences.

The dog yelped again.

Perseus made his decision: he was going to check on Flick.

"Flick?" he said as he opened the door.

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