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Utter chaos had broken out in the living realm. A minute had passed since Lord Young's lifeless body had collapsed beside the podium, but nobody had reacted. Everyone was in too much shock – everyone except Chief Nikhita Kothari.

Her walkie-talkie was buzzing with all the security guards trying find out what had happened and where the source of the fire was from. She didn't answer them immediately and instead got a head start for the KING CO. building so she could set up the scene.

Only when she reached the garage of the KING CO. building did she finally reply to all of them: "I've tracked the source of the fire to the KING CO. rooftop. I repeat, KING CO. building."

"I'm on my way, " Ghoad hissed.

No surprise, Nikhita thought. The svellik was on the rooftop nearest to KING CO. so that no other security guards would be close enough to see exactly what went down on that rooftop before the shots were fired.

Chief Kothari ran up all the flights of stairs and kicked the door to the stairwell open. Unsurprisingly, the poor little downtowner was still lying on the rooftop next to the sniper rifle.

"Assassin sighted and armed, " Nikhita said into her walkie-talkie. "I'm preparing to make an arrest."

She knew Erik had heard that when he let out a desperate moan.

Nikhita removed the little remote control from the rifle so that it looked like it had been fired manually. People would be suspicious if a downtowner figured out how to work the automatic fire control. She then removed Erik's gag.

He tried to scream something, but the mapo had made him lose control of his words. Only guttural moans escaped

ent reasons. The House of Oxen members would be grieving, but also figuring out what that meant for their party. The House of Dragons, however, were more excited that Lysander now held the chairman position.

Although Lord Young had technically won the election, he was not officially chairman due to the fact the inauguration ceremony had not taken place and therefore he was still only considered an chairman candidate – but now Lysander was the only eligible candidate left.

So much death. What a strange election this has been.

The image on the screen switched to the reactions to the sudden death of Lord Young. Most were just staring blankly trying to figure out what happened, but the downtowners were already rioting. Now there was no chance that they would ever be treated equally to the uptowners. They knew that, and fires had been started.

Humans become animals when they're angry. Hope is lost for them.

A head of the House of Dragons entered the room. Lysander assumed they were here to discuss his chairmanship, but the odd look on their face suggested otherwise.

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