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   Chapter 101 No.101

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"Twenty-two minutes until victory, " Adina told him as she looked at her phone.

Soon this will all be over, Koris thought with a relieved sigh. Lysander is wrong. I can change so much when given ten years of power.

Nikhita Kothari made a few calls to other security guards before she parked in the KING CO. garage. She had used cloaking to get there and, according to the traffic records, she was patrolling the rooftop of another building closer to the Parliament House.

The KING CO. building was closed due to the election so nobody saw her as she carried the limp body of a downtowner up the stairs. It certainly worked to her advantage that this was one of the last buildings in the whole of Manticore – and that was the exact reason she chose it.

"Hmmph!" Erik groaned through his cloth gag. Nikhita had decided to gag him just in case he screamed.

"I know, Erik, " she said in a distracted manner as she focused on making up the stairs with him and her sniper rifle, "I know."


"This isn't personal. In fact, I think you're a great kid. This is a case of unfortunate bystander. The good must suffer so that the great may succeed."

She took a break and leaned against a wall after the fourth flight of stairs. Yes, she was strong and Erik was light, but carrying a body was still not an easy task.

"But you see, " she panted as she continued up the stairs, "this isn't your city. This is a city humans took away from the svellik and ruined. We have to cause some chaos before the sv

e job, Koris, " he heard Melody say. She had not moved from the couch and still had her eyes on her phone.

"Talk with her afterwards, " Andromeda muttered. "Just get through this speech."

"Will do."

"Go time, Young!" Adina said as she opened the door.

Koris kissed his wife one more time and strode away, practically skipping.

Time to tell Manticore what the future holds.

Erik lay there on the roof sobbing. He could not see what was happening, but the sniper rifle began to move on its weapon mount, adjusting itself.

People won't think I fired this, he reassured himself. I can't even move.

His eyes shot open when the rifle suddenly went off. His body would have also jolted, had he been able to move.

Oh, fuck.

It fired again.

Lord Young stood at the podium with a confused expression. Where did everybody go?

As soon as he stepped up to the podium the whole world had gone silent. The reporters, security, everyone was gone. And they didn't just leave, they vanished.

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