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   Chapter 100 No.100

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They were all sitting still like mannequins in the servant lounge area until Proteus finally noticed what he was looking for: the servant kiosk.

The other Olympians continued to stare blankly at the table in the middle of the square-shaped couch as Proteus went over to the kiosk. Not surprisingly, the thing looked virtually untouched. Olympians probably wouldn't use if even if they needed to.

It's still set up for members of the Servants Union, he noted. Lysander had obviously not bothered to change it, but that would make it easier to file four complaints as the Servant Union had protections in place for situations like this.

"Apollo, come here, " he said when he had finished filling out the first form. "Confirmation of your identity is needed."

"I do not understand why, " the Olympian admitted, but that did not stop him from pressing his thumb to the screen so it could be scanned. Olympians were all virtually the same except for the thumb on their right hand which was coded to be unique so that there was some way to distinguish between Olympians.

"I am filing a sexual assault complaint for you, " Proteus replied simply. There was no need to lie.

"What is a sexual assault complaint?"

"It means Lord Jordanis sexually abused you and so the police will investigate him."

"He did not sexually abuse me."

"Lord Jordanis wants you to file this complaint, " Proteus said firmly.

Apollo, although obviously still confused, asked no more questions and went to sit back down. The supposed Dolos said Lord Jordanis had given him orders and therefore he couldn't refute.

Proteus requested the other three Olympians confirm their identity

ng the election stream live.

Just one more day and I'll sort all my family shit out, he thought before he turned back to look at his speech.

To his surprise, he received a message from Lord Jordanis. It was unusual for two rivals to talk as the election votes were coming in, but not illegal.

Jordanis: You're absolutely thrashing me.

Koris cocked an eyebrow upon reading the message.

Young: Hardly. A 13% lead isn't much.

Jordanis: But it's enough. Make sure you thank Fae. She's the one who got you all these voters.

Young: Yes. I must also thank the downtowners.

Jordanis: And make it clear to them that all the promises you made may not come to fruition.

Not this again.

Young: I'll keep my promises. I will raise the downtowner minimum wage and I will unite Manticore.

There was a good minute before Lysander replied.

Jordanis: See what happens when you fail. Manticore will crumble due to unfulfilled promises.

Koris read the message and chose not to reply. He was not about to get into this bicker again. He had practically won and had nothing left to prove to Lysander.

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