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   Chapter 99 No.99

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Nikhita was about to send a message to Ghoad, but then she noticed that Koris had contacted her.

Young: Now are we absolutely sure that no Rebellion is going to mess us up today?

She had to laugh. Lord Young, along with the general public, would be utterly shocked if they learned that the Rebellion was headed up by two high-ranking members of the House of Oxen Security team. Yes, she knew for a fact that the so-called Rebellion would be messing things up today.

Kothari: We're monitoring downtown today and there have been no apparent threats recently.

Young: Good, see you in a half hour.

"Great, " she said before putting her phone back in her pocket. "Let's get going."

"When are you going to turn on the cloaking?" Proteus asked.

"When we near the end of the city. We might be noticed by general traffic managers if they spot a shuttle that's not appearing on the traffic flow report."

That was the thing about cloaking. A shuttle couldn't exactly turn invisible, but Nikhita could take it off the radar so that her shuttle couldn't be tracked electronically. Only the police and security had such abilities due to the fact that chaos would break out in the air as autopilots couldn't detect cloaked shuttles and that could lead to collision if nobody was paying attention.

"Will it not be noticed if a shuttle suddenly disappears off the radar?" Proteus asked as they flew through the Manticore sky.

"Nah, we're gonna simulate a parked and turned off shuttle."

"How so?"

"When we fly over the Dài mall's garage I'll turn on the cloaking. In the traffic report it'll look like we parked in the mall's garage."

"I see, that makes

n doorbell during the day seeing as the Jhard would kill humans, but Proteus had already come up with an excuse when an Olympian opened the door.

"Hello, brother, " he said in a peppy manner when the door was opened.

The name stitched into the uniform of the Olympian who opened the door was Apollo, of whom looked slightly confused to find an Olympian outside even though all the doors were locked.

"Lord Jordanis requested that I inspect the water fountain's pump. It appears he forgot that I was outside when he left and locked down the estate, " he said while gesturing to the large fountain in the centre of the courtyard."

"Understood, " Apollo replied in an equally cheerful manner. He would've believed Proteus even if he had said he had sprouted wings and flown there. Olympians could not intentionally lie to each other – well, Olympians of the new model couldn't.

Proteus followed his brother to the servant quarters were three of them already resided as they had no chores at that moment.

Apollo, Orion, Eos and Theseus, Proteus noted as he looked at all of the names stitched into their uniforms.

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