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   Chapter 98 No.98

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The Lord Young guy says I can vote this year, he thought while watching the election coverage. But I'd have to be downtown to vote. Not that it matters. He's already won.

"Right, " Nikhita said as she clapped her hands together, "I'm gonna get changed. Proteus, you go clean out the shuttle trunk."

The Olympian nodded and strode to the garage.

Erik gave Nikhita a confused look as she passed by him. She just flashed a distracted smile and went into her room before closing the door.

That's when Erik realised that she had left the door to her office open.

Every cell in his body screamed for him to get up and take a peek at what was in there. He tried to remain seated, but the desire was too strong. What was she keeping in there that was so secret?

As he cautiously neared the open door he noticed a gun rack on the wall in his view. Not too crazy, she was a security officer, after all.

No, the oddness came when the room was in full view. The wall opposite the door was filled with papers and picture he didn't understand.

Why is that there? he thought as he looked at the picture KING CO. building. He remembered that building well seeing as he and Nikhita had had sex on top of it.

There were pictures of other buildings as well that were covered in red marker. Most of them just had crosses or circles over what appeared to be random locations, but there was one set of pictures that drew his attention as being different from the others. They were pictures of what appeared to be a sort of courtyard sticking off of the Parliament House. Each pictured of the courtyard contained the wo

owner couldn't understand why she was acting so nonchalant. She didn't care that he had entered her office and she certainly didn't care that Proteus had injected him with something that was slowly taking away his mobility. He would have called her a psychopath at this point – had he known the word.

Proteus gently laid Erik down in the trunk of the shuttle and adjusted him so that he was not lying awkwardly. The boy tried to move his furiously shaking arms, but failed and the Olympian replaced them.

"W-why are ya doin' this to wǒ?" Erik said in a shaky voice due to the combination of mapo and fear surging through him.

"I've not been given permission to disclose that information, " Proteus said icily.

The Olympian then proceeded to slam the trunk closed before the downtowner could say anymore. Even if Erik did scream it would not be a problem. Shuttles were basically soundproof and there would be nobody outside in daylight to hear him anyways.

"We're ready to go?" Nikhita asked as she stepped into the garage. A sniper rifle was slung over her back.

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