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"Maybe, " Flick agreed.

"Would you like me to research it?"

"Maybe tomorrow. I'ma gonna go to sleep now, but tell me if ye see one when ya wake up, " he said while rolling over and facing his back to the Olympian.

"Goodnight, Flick, " Perseus said happily before closing his eyes and instantly falling to sleep.

"Night, Percy, " the boy mumbled back.

He actually tried to fall asleep that night, but with little success as Melody's words replayed in his head over and over again.

They'd all be a lot happier if I didn't exist.



The Olympian looked up as Princeton Bengal approached him. He was still wearing the T-shirt and sweatpants he had worn to bed which proved he had just woken up.

"Have you seen my father?"

"Yes, Master Bengal. Lord Jordanis is at the east entrance to the grand hall.

The boy gave a nod and went on his way to find his father.

Why is he near the grand hall? he thought.

Usually his father's activities would not interest Princeton, but the House of Dragons had rung the landline after Lysander had not answered any of his own devices. Apparently he was meant to meet with his campaign advisors an hour ago.

The first thing Princeton noticed when he reached the east entrance was that the giant portrait of Lysander and Preston was no longer hanging up. It was lying on the ground. Lysander was on his knees on top of it. He looked like a drunken lunatic with his untucked dress shirt and unbrushed hair as he dragged the box cutter down the image of his face. As Princeton got close

ton said as he began to walk away. He had his own life to lead. "Oh, and get to your meeting."

Lysander ran his hand across his defaced portrait before his hand trailed down to the box cutter. He picked it up and pressed his thumb to the blade, drawing blood.

It hurts, he noted. That means I'm living. Good.

Erik was scared. He just sat on the couch as Nikhita and Proteus organised themselves. The Olympian, unlike usual, was dressed in a standard issue Olympian uniform with the name 'Dolos' stitched into it. This was all odd because Erik had only ever seen him wear normal clothes – why the sudden change today?

He was not about to ask Proteus why. He had been intimidated by the Olympian since they had first met and only spoke to him when he absolutely had to. Erik was also too afraid to ask Nikhita. She'd been in and out of her office room since midnight and was currently taking what seemed to be a very serious call. Nobody had told Erik what was going on, but he assumed all this weirdness was due to the election.

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