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   Chapter 96 No.96

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"If I win tomorrow I will do my best to make sure everyone is happy. Everyone. The uptowners, downtowners, Olympians. I'm sure we can find a nice middle ground for all of them to be happy on within a decade."

"You missed one, " Lysander muttered.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Never mind, " he waved the question away. "They clearly don't matter to you."

Who is he talking about?

"Oh, " the moderator exclaimed when he looked at his watch. "We don't have as much time as I thought we did so we better wrap this up."

Koris let out a small sigh of relief. Thank God that he got to end the debate on a high note with the better approval rating. The joy of that was enough to put the thought of how Mel was probably going to have a few words with him out of his mind. She would not be pleased that he gave into Lysander's personal bicker and dissed her boyfriend.

And he was right.

His victorious attitude quickly deflated when he stepped inside his house. Mel had the stare that turned men to stone.

"Nǐ piece of shit, " she snarled.

Lord Young looked to his wife, but she shrugged in a way that said "well, you are a piece of shit."

Flick and then Olympian were nowhere in sight. He assumed Flick was so embarrassed about being mentioned on television that he had gone to hide in his room in hopes that the world would've forgotten about him by the time he stepped out again. Young knew he'd have to go talk to Flick, but Melody was priority.

"Wǒ know nǐ shì mad, " he said while putting his hands up defensively,

had to be resolved between Koris and Flick, but Young was not in the headspace for that right then. He made a vow to himself that he'd sort out his family once the election was over.

He was heading for his bedroom, but upon hearing his daughter cry as Andromeda tried to comfort her, he decided he would be sleeping on the couch that night. Not a big deal. He didn't have many hours before he had to be up again and prepare for the election day.

"Melody didn'ta mean it, " Flick reassured the Olympian.

Perseus gave him a confused look.

"I'm sorry, Melody didn't mean what?"

"When she called us retards. I-I just don'ta want you to think she hates ya. She doesn't hate us, she just doesn't like that Koris gives attention to us 'cause we're not his real kiddie thingies."

Perseus had no answer so his default smile spread across his face. He lied back down and stared at the stars on the ceiling's screen.

"Perhaps if we learned the skyray migration patterns we would raise our chances of seeing one."

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