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   Chapter 95 No.95

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"Yes, " Jordanis agreed, "a mysterious prototype Olympian who nobody else has ever heard of or seen except you? I don't buy it."

"If he didn't exist how would I know about the original prototype. Prometheus: the one Olympus United terminated when he refused to do chores? He acted too human and was not submissive… so they killed him."

"Perhaps we should get a comment from Olympus United about Prometheus' death, " Lysander said more to the moderator than to Koris. The moderator gestured to someone off of the stage who got on the phone instantly. "I'd like to hear from them how he died."

"They say liver failure, but the prototype I spoke with said that's a lie to cover up their termination of an independent-thinking Olympian."

Lysander let out a surprise laugh.

"Liver failure? Prometheus had liver failure? Now that's either ironic or a terrible coincidence."

"It's a lie. I'm sure they wrote it as a joke because they never thought Prometheus' story would get out. Even if Prometheus' liver is just a coincidence, the fact that he refused to do free labour would suggest the human side of Olympians doesn't want to be obedient slaves, but that side has been more and more crushed over time."

The moderator looked down at his smartwatch when he received an update.

"We've gotten a statement from the Olympus United PR manager." He took a pause until the statement appeared on his watch screen. "It reads: 'Olympus United has never terminated a fully developed Olympian nor received complaints from Olympians about their service purpose. The original prototype, Prometheus, was judged by the coroner to have died of liver failure and no foul play is suspected. He developed autoimmune hepatitis shortly afte

pus United were bound by Manticore's laws so that you could punish them. But, alas, we can only punish the Manticorian members of Olympus United and the others will go scot-free."

"I can't control the universe, " Koris admitted.

"You can't even control just Manticore. Let us see how all your reforms go and if they are successful or if they tear this fragile society to shreds. Will you equalise downtowners and uptowners? Will you liberate the Olympians? Unlikely."

Why is he speaking like I've already won?

And then he looked down.

Much to Koris' own surprise the snakes slithering across the chart showed that his approval rating was higher than Lord Jordanis'. Not by much, but enough that Koris had a new surge of confidence. His desired outcome was to win the chairman position due to the downtowner vote, but if he already had the uptowner vote then he didn't really need them. Yes, the approval rating from the debate was not an entirely reliable way to predict who would win the election, but it still meant he had far more support from the uptowners than he had expected.

Maybe Manticorians aren't as pro-slavery as I thought.

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