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   Chapter 94 No.94

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"Olympians should not have been designed to have implants in the first place. It is sick that humans have designed humans who are purposefully mentally disabled. Removing their ability make their own choices or feel true emotions, I feel like that's a breach of human rights. Then again, I suppose Manticorian society was founded on the defilement of basic human rights so this isn't surprising we're open to the concept of slavery."

"Don't act your some heavenly saint who's come to save our souls and redefine our morals, " Lysander growled, almost angrily. "There's more than one 'slave' in your house. The first is Andromeda's assistant and the second is the boy, who although you've raised, you will never call your 'son'.

"Yes, there's the boy who has it implanted in his brain that he's hideous because you can't even look at his body as it disgusts you so much. The one you pile clothing on in a pathetic attempt to hide his natural form. Tell me, Young, about why you don't pay the boy who you've destroyed the self-confidence of. Tell me why it's okay for you to supress his body in layers of clothing, but it's not okay to supress an Olympian mind. Tell us all why you think he's stupid just because he's not academic. Now, is it a breach of human rights to destroy an innocent boy's self-confidence? Is it a breach of human rights to make sure he never feels like he can truly join your family and is instead just some peripheral part of the household?"

You little fucker, Koris thought with a twitching frown. You don't believe a word you j

hey're robots, devoid of true emotion."

"That's a lie. Their true feelings are suppressed by their programming. I've spoken to an earlier model Olympian. They don't instinctively want to do free labour, and the one I spoke with could tell me this as his will and emotions weren't fully suppressed like the new models are. The root of human in the Olympians may be stifled, but there is no denying it's there. There were two previous models, neither wanted to be a slave and both were able to express this, so this ability was taken away by Olympus United entirely."

"Who is this prototype and where can I find him?" Lysander asked, unconvinced.

"No. He requested I keep his identity and location secret for his own protection."

"Who's after him?"

"Olympus United. A free-speaking Olympian who's against the slave labour his brothers are suffering through? He's a threat to the company and a smear on their public image. Of course he has to stay hidden."

"Doesn't sound like a legitimate source, " the moderator muttered.

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