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   Chapter 93 No.93

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"There is a difference between heartless and honest, " Lysander replied coldly. "Downtowners are made to die young. Whether they die by slaughter, sickness, starvation or suicide, they will die. I don't wish it was true, but it is."

"I'm loving a lecture on how downtowners are suicidal from the father of the most depressed uptowner boy I've ever met, " Koris muttered, and instantly regretted saying.

Lord Jordanis froze. Koris knew he had gone too far by bringing Princeton into this. It made it personal. Yes, Lysander had brought up Flick, but Koris was meant to be above playing dirty and getting personal.

Of Flick, Koris thought after the words escaped his mouth, if only you hadn't let Lysander take advantage of you. I knew all he wanted was ammo against me.

More importantly, none of this was fair on Flick or Princeton. Making both of their mental illnesses public knowledge was unforgiveable. Koris had no doubt there would be articles about each boy in the news within the next hour.

Melody was going to be another problem. She was the one who had mentioned to him that Princeton was battling depression and had attempted suicide. He wasn't supposed to dish out that information as he pleased. She had particularly asked him not to tell anyone else. He could only imagine her expression at that exact moment.

My daughter is never going to forgive me.

"I see, " Lysander said simply. "If my son, who comes from a wealthy uptowner background, is the pinnacle of youth depression, then perhaps we should be focusing on uptowner youth wellbeing instead of the downtowner kids."

"Perhaps we need to focus on both, " Koris objected in the calmest voice he could muster after his personal jab at Lysander. "These

ng, but think of Olympians as a dog mixed with a computer. They have the obedience of a dog and the intelligence of a computer. Now, a dog plus a computer doesn't make a human, does it? And you wouldn't let a dog into the Servants Union and you certainly wouldn't let a computer in either."

"No, " Koris agreed. "A dog and computer hybrid is not human nor in need of being part of the Union."

"Well then–"

"But an Olympian isn't a dog and computer. They are humans spliced with computers… Biomechatronic implants are in their brains. And just because their emotions and freewill have been suppressed doesn't make them any less human. You gotta ask yourself something: if we magically removed the electronic implants from their brains, do you think they'd say they approve of slave labour?"

"Removing the electronic implants from their brains would kill them. They could not survive without them, let alone retain the knowledge they currently possess. The implants are truly a part of who they are. They are organic robots. Cyborgs, if you will. Yes, a human wouldn't approve of being treated like a slave, but Olympians do not think like a human."

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