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   Chapter 91 No.91

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He flopped down on his mattress and stared at the blank ceiling.

I'm probably paranoid about nothing.


The numbers were surprising from the pre final debate survey. Yes, Lord Jordanis was still in the lead according to the survey, yet there was only an eleven percent difference in their approval ratings. That was the best news Lord Young had received all month given the fact that the downtowners had not even had their say yet and they would probably vote for him. After all, the downtowners are who he targeted in his campaign.

Koris really had to thank Lady Fae Sonata for the narrowing of the gap between his and Lysander's approval ratings. Had she not dropped out of the race then he wouldn't have any of her old supporters. He also had to be thankful that the svellik who had injured Princeton had not been linked back to the House of Oxen by the press so that was not another black mark on the pretty splotchy image of Koris.

However, most importantly of all, he actually had to thank Lord Jordanis for this gradual closing between their approval ratings. Lysander had really taken a hit after his statement about Manticore being a "wretched planet" was leaked to the media. Anybody who had been on the fence about both candidates probably fell in the direction of Koris after they heard Lysander's remark.

Despite the survey being more successful than expected, Manticore Metropolis had forgotten about it and the city was already focussing on the next big event: the final debate happening that night. This was the last chance for the candidates to prove themselves worthy as the election was the very next night.

Young was now a little more reluctant to bring up things he discussed with Proteus seeing as he was doing so better in the race. He didn't want to lose his

down a notch.

His tablet and phone buzzed simultaneously. The House of Oxen was feeding him any last remaining ammo needed for the debate about intended future policies and issues that the public wanted to be addressed. However, Koris was done trying to be the puppet for the House of Oxen and ignored the messages. He would bring up the Oxen plans he agreed with, but the debate was testing who he would be as the chairman and so his own voice had to seep through as well.

Koris was actually surprised when he looked at Lysander directly. He was not wearing his sunglasses anymore, a habit he had developed recently, and he looked younger than before. It was possible that he had been wearing his sunglasses to cover the developing bags under his eyes until he could get anti-aging treatment. That seemed like a suitable explanation given how the older man was very into his appearance.

"It's at times like then that I wish we still had the twelve House system, " Jordanis stated while reading a message he received on his phone. His own House was also trying to cram last minute information into his brain. "You see, when there were twelve candidates all debating it was all so exciting."

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