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   Chapter 90 No.90

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"It was very considerate of you to stop by, " Kathryn said without looking away from her son. "Hopefully we will see you later on today when Princey is doing better."

"Certainly, " Koris agreed.

Right now, though, I have to talk to Ghoad about the fucking svellik nymph who ruined human-svellik relations by going nuts, he thought begrudgingly.

He gestured for Mel to follow him. Reluctantly, she kissed Princeton's cheek and followed her father.

"So do wǒ have to go back to xuéxiào or nah?" Melody asked as they headed for the shuttle.

"Well, how many hours do nǐ have left of school?" Koris asked.

"Like yī, so barely the rest of my final class, " she lied. School didn't end for another three hours.

"Wǒ will just drop nǐ off at home."

Melody smiled. Her scorched boyfriend was the last thing on her mind now that she had free time to burn.

Lord Young went back to work after dropping his daughter off at home. Flick was not pleased to see that she had come home early as she took full control of the main room and he had to go hide with Perseus in their room. Koris had no time to notice the power play going on in his house due to the fact he had to deal with the svellik issue before the press linked him to the svellik who got Princeton burned.

"Hāi, Niki, " he said when he entered the Oxen Security office. "Do you know where Ghoad is?"

Nikhita looked at him solemnly.

"She, along with some other svellik, are doing a prayer for the dead svellik and his mamé."

Koris raised his eyebrow in an unsympathetic manner.


h her along with this Olympian and now she's brought a gun home. She is not normal. Maybe she wants to kill me.

A dramatic conclusion to jump to, but Erik, having grown up downtown, was always aware of threats to his life. He wished Nikhita was giving him shelter out of genuine kindness, yet he knew it was possible that she intended to use him for sinister purposes.

Remain calm, he told himself. If you are panicking over nothing then you don't want to ruin this setup.

The downtowner glanced at the door to Nikhita's office where she was talking with Proteus. He then went to his bedroom. He wasn't tired. It just didn't feel right to lounge around the main room of a house that wasn't his. Back at Lord Jordanis' estate he and Mark would immediately go back to their room once the work was done. No downtowner servants had ever dwelled outside of their chambers for very long.

I have a strong feeling the answers I want are in there. I'll have to wait for the day that both she and Proteus are not around before I investigate.

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