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   Chapter 89 No.89

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"Yes, it was a svellik teen who broke the window. Their species naturally thrives under the light of the Jhard, taking him away from that drove him to insanity. Or, at least that's my guess."

Koris' eyes narrowed.

Are you pretending to know more about the svellik than me? One of my security members is a fucking svellik.

He removed that spiteful thought instantly. He knew it was wrong to think he knew more about the svellik race just because he hired one. That was like saying he knew more about tanned people seeing as Nikhita was his Chief of Oxen Security.

"So where is the svellik now?" he asked in a calm manner even though the whole situation was stressing him out. If the svellik was linked back to him seeing as he helped place him in mainstream school then that wouldn't make for good publicity.

"Dead, " Lysander said simply. "Shot onsite for threatening a police officer."

Koris accidently cursed under his breath. That was going to leave a bad mark on his campaign and they were at the stage that any bad publicity could make or break him seeing as the election was so close.

"Have you informed Lady Bengal about this?" Koris asked to change the subject because he didn't want Lysander to guess that he was worrying about such a petty thing based on the circumstances. Fretting more about his campaign than Princeton or the dead svellik would make him appear unsympathetic.

Jordanis smirked. He knew why there was a sudden diverge from the previous conversation.

"Yes, " he finally said as he lit another red cigarette. "The femme fatales should be arriving soon. The station on Bagg

on. He sat back down before her wives had the chance to shake his hand as well. Viola scoffed and followed Kathryn's lead by going to Prince's bed while Amber, the youngest of the trio at forty, smiled at Lysander and Koris.

"How's Princey doing?" she asked in an oddly peppy manner given the circumstances.

"He's fine, " Lysander said bluntly.

"Most of his skin has been burned, " Kathryn objected.

Lysander shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal.

"So why did the whole posse decide to come?" he asked as an open question to all three women.

"He's our son too, " Viola growled. "We raised him more than you did."

I think I should get out of here, Koris realised. Mel and I are oddities in this tense family reunion.

"I'm glad to see your son is stable, " Koris announced while standing up. "Mel and I will come to visit him again after the reconstruction is done, but for now it's probably wise that this remain a family area."

Melody gave her father a death glare, he returned the stare with one that said "trust me, we don't want to be here right now."

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