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   Chapter 88 No.88

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Koris had to think for a moment. There were very few svellik youth in the world and even less who attended school. He and Ghoad had worked to get one svellik into high school to ease human-svellik relations – hopefully it wasn't that svellik who opened the window.

Young: I'm taking Melody out of school to see Prince.

Sun: I assume there's political motivation behind this.

Koris didn't answer. If either of their phones got hacked by aggressive journalists then he did not want to be made to look bad.

The school principal was a little reluctant to let Melody leave school. They had incredibly strict rules around student absences. Luckily they excused Melody because Koris, being the House of Oxen chairperson candidate, was potentially up for a powerful role and having him on the side of the school would be a wise move.

Melody flew into the shuttle and repeated the word "drive" in Mandarin a few hundred times before Koris had even buckled his seatbelt. Clearly she was very worried about her boyfriend.

"So shénme happened?" he asked as he pulled the shuttle out of the school parking lot.

"This fucked-up svellik xiǎozi went nuts in math and punched right through the window. The light hit Prince straight in the face."

I knew the education board should've given the school money to upgrade the windows, Koris thought.

"Do nǐ know the svellik's name?"

"Wǒ méiyǒu ever have a class with tā, but wǒ think it was 'Sweve' or some shit like that."

"Fuck, " Koris hissed. That was the svellik he had put into school to promote integrated human and svellik lives.

I'm going to have to break it to Ghoad. And then I'll have to deal with the backlash of ever trying

his body scorched, he was still an unredeemable asshole.

"Ah, Lord Young, " he said as if he was surprised to see Koris even though he had given him and Mel permission to visit.

"Good to see you… Lord Jordanis, " Koris replied through gritted teeth. He put out his hand and expected the other man to take it, and yet his hand was left empty. Clearly Jordanis was not in the mood for formalities.

"I'm so sorry about what happened to Princeton."

Lysander shrugged coldly.

"He's alive, so everything's fine."

Mel gave him a death glare over the hospital bed. Princeton had injured and until he was better nothing would be okay.

Koris took a seat in the chair next to Lysander, but shifted it away slightly as he sat.

"I heard it was a svellik nymph that caused all this."

Lysander raised an eyebrow even though it was hard to tell due to his tinted sunglasses. When he thought of nymphs in terms of biology, he thought of young cicadas and crickets, not svellik. Was it politically correct to compare a svellik to a young insect with the mental capacity of a pea? That almost seemed more offensive to him.

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