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   Chapter 87 No.87

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"I will never reveal that information without your permission, " Perseus promised.

Flick sniffed and then gave the Olympian a confused look.

"Ya promise not to tell anyone? Not even if Andromeda asks ye?"

Perseus remained quiet. He did not want to disclose such private information to anyone else, but was allowed to keep it from Andromeda if she demanded to know the story?

"Is this information she seeks?" he asked.

Flick chose to shake his head rather than reply orally. His voice cracked and went extra squeaky when he cried.

"Then I shall not reveal to her that I possess this information and therefore she will never ask for it, " he concluded happily.

Flick was not assured. He knew now that he had to withhold information from the Olympian as he could not keep his secrets if anybody above him in the hierarchy requested it.

"Do ya wish ya didn'ta have to say yes to people all the time?" he asked even though he didn't expect to receive an answer. "I mean, ya can't always agree with Andromeda."

"But I do, " Perseus rebutted. "I do always agree with Lady Sun and obey her requests. She is my master."

"What if she asked ye to kill people? What woulda ya do?"

Perseus thought for a moment.

"I suppose I would do what she told me to do. Is that a request she is likely to make?"

Flick shook his head. Andromeda was a hard woman, but she certainly wasn't a killer. If she tried to get Perseus to help her do anything illegal, it would probably be for something like embezzling rather than a violent crime.

"If Andromeda asked ya to kill her, woulda ye?"

The Olympian had

" Moore shook her head. "Just go pick up your daughter from school so that you two can visit him in hospital. There will most likely already be reporters at the scene so you'll get good media from them."

Young sighed. He didn't particularly like Princeton and the meeting would be rather cold, yet it could work in his favour for the day. He just wished he had the chance to get out the Olympian news today because he was not going to get time later on – his last chance to show people that Olympians were slaves would have to be during the final debate.

"Alright, " he agreed hesitantly. "I'll go pick up my daughter and take her to the hospital."

The campaign mangers exchanged a look before both smiled at him.

Koris got on his way to go pick Melody up from school. The school hadn't allowed her to leave in the ambulance with Princeton so she was thankful her father was willing to come and get her.

Young: So do you know what happened? Why did Prince get burned?

Sun: I'm only going off what Mel told me. Apparently a svellik opened a window during class.

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